Or you didn’t interact with me there because you just plain don’t like me.

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  • Those of you who are on the Tumblr, and didn’t want to interact with me there because my regular Tumblr site Estate 4.1 depressed the hell out of you…well, I remembered that I had grabbed the “mikester” user name there a long time ago, but never did anything with that account, so Mike Sterlng’s Progressive Tumblr is now open for business. Mostly I’m just using it so I can comment on and occasionally reblog friends’ posts without breaking the Estate 4.1 “character.”

    Estate 4.1 will still be continuing, so don’t you worry your pretty little heads over that.

  • Bully, the Bull Who Is Stuffed and a Bull And Is Stuffed Also, sticks it to comic book stickers!
  • This week’s Nobody’s Favorites is a character that…I actually sort of liked the idea of, just for how crazy it sounded.
  • So the Dark Knight Rises teaser poster for the film is out. Kind of a neat design.
  • H at the Comic Treadmill writes about currently taking a hiatus from comics and the previous times he’d done so.

    …I was trying to think if I’d ever had a comics hiatus, and…well, not since I’ve started selling the things, obviously, but before that? I think once I started buying comics regularly, I never stopped. My purchasing dipped a bit at times, sure. And even now, the number of comics I actually pick up each week is pretty low. But I’ve never hit a point where I felt the need to give them up entirely. I suspect even at my lowest ebb I’d still be buying Swamp Thing. If there was one coming out, of course.

  • And I wanted to post a special thanks to Matt and Lynnea, readers of the site who were nice enough to stop by the store, say “hi!” and see me in all my disheveled, unshaven and sweaty glory. Yes, they were just that lucky. Thanks again for visiting, guys!

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  • Roger Green says:

    I’m not usually one for nostalgia. But ever since about 5 years after I sold my comic book collection, I have had whifs of ‘Boy, I wish I still had that.’ Just ordered from Mile High Comics the Marvel Masterworks, the 2nd book of the Defenders. It has Issues 7-16, and Avengers 115-118. without looking it up, I know what that must mean – Avengers-Defenders War, which I thought was great kitsch, even at the time.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you give up on Swamp Thing, then you’re giving up on comics all together. Nuff said!

    The only good thing coming out of the DC relaunch is the new ST series.

    And definitely the sexy half-naked vampires.

    And possibly Harley Quinn’s hot new stripper outfit.

    But Harley and the vamps are by different artists on the covers, so that puts them in the same sinking boat with everything else in the DCNU.

    As for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in September, won’t we?

    There’s just no deciding until the absolute last minute, assuming the retailers bothered to order enough of it for it to even be there.

    Thank the digital gods for internet message board spoilers, fan sites, comics news sites, and those fun wacky folks at scans_daily for letting us know if it’s worth our money. Spoiler warnings be damned.

    Not everything can earn our unconditional love like Swamp Thing, after all.

  • Jim Kosmicki says:

    this entry did not show up in the RSS feed, fyi. I came over here to make sure that you were still okay!

    I have taken a comics hiatus several times in my life, usually related to changing life circumstances. Ironically enough, one of those was when I got my first job in high school. Once I finally had money to buy all the comics I wanted, I didn’t have the time to go to the multiple locations to find the books, nor to read them once i bought them.

    Another time was when the direct market started going strong in the early 80’s. We had no local comic store, so I had to do mailorder. I got burned by a couple of dealers going out of business (after insisting on pre-pay of course) and decided to stop all together. Eventually I missed it enough (plus, I still kept subscribing to The Comics Journal because I enjoyed that magazine)that I found a more solid mail-order dealer. The best advantage of this stop was that it broke me of some long-time reading habits. I stopped reading X-men here and was able to resist getting sucked back in to that whole mythos again, saving me probably thousands of dollars over the years.

    Around the birth of my first child, I was working so many different jobs and dealing with being a parent that I stopped again, but was back within the year.

  • Prankster says:

    I, too, find the idea of a Viking klling Nazis to be fundamentally awesome. I find it hard to believe they screwed it up that badly, actually.

  • Ed says:

    Sorry if this isn’t exactly a productive contribution, but I am currently compelled to react to every mention of tumblr by mentioning that it sucks, I hate it, and think that it is the worst bloggy-type tool/site/thing ever created.

  • Bully says:

    I don’t like liver at all, but I don’t feel compelled to complain about it at the meat fansite blogs if they mention liver.

  • Martin Wisse says:

    Tumblr is great for doing quick, off the cuff posts. Doing something more substantial with it is difficult, but it wasn’t built for this…

    I stopped buying comics one day in July 2000, just completely sick of spending hundreds of bucks each month on a hobby that just didn’t give me any pleasure anymore. I got back into comics a few years ago because of Mike’s blog, the meanie.

  • Ed says:

    Hey, I love this blog, it’s one of the first ones I come to whenever surfing comic-related stuff, and I use his links more than anyone else’s.
    This one’s also on a proper platform.

  • 5c11 says:

    Hey Mike. Hope you didn’t mind us stopping by and bugging you. :)

    It was fun meeting you and seeing the shop and all that. I expect we’ll stop by again if ever happen to be near Ventura. (Matt)

  • Ed says:

    Addendum: What I said about tumblr should not in any way be interpreted as a complaint about Mike, his blog, or any of the fun stuff he provides for free here. I’m surprised that it could be.

  • Mikester says:

    Ed – It took me a long time to figure out Tumblr…and when I did, it wasn’t even for anything related to this site! But it does have its appeal…mostly as eye candy, for seeing neat images and such. And it does make it very easy to share pictures. It’s a bit awkward, but does serve a certain purpose!

    I appreciate the kind comments about my site, by the way. Thank you.