Yet another post about new DC titles.

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So I wasn’t sure who drew that Justice League Dark cover I posted yesterday…I thought it might have been the artist for the series, but it’s been pointed out to me that it’s Ryan Sook. So there you go.

And DC announced more titles yesterday, apparently with the feeling that this new version of Titans is a good idea:

Why they didn’t call it Extreme Young Justice, I can’t imagine, since it looks like a natural extension of DC’s most ’90s of their 1990s output. (Pal Andrew has lots more to say about this particular impending release.)

On the other hand, the new Hawk and Dove series presented at that same DC blog link up there doesn’t look too bad. …You know, by comparison. That took some doing, considering. However, I didn’t notice the little beaks on their masks at first, and after my pal Dana pointed them out to me, now I can’t stop looking at them. (EDIT: Apparently Hawk and Dove originally had mask-beaks, I’m told? And I never noticed them? …This is terrible.)

I may have to reconsider my recent abandonment (after nearly 30 years!) of the Legion of Super-Heroes franchise, because a new Legion series drawn by Pete Woods sounds pretty good to me. (Thought I’d better say something nice, Just so I don’t come across entirely as a big grumpy poopypants.)

8 Responses to “Yet another post about new DC titles.”

  • Mike Zeidler says:

    I really hate to pull out an “um…actually” but Hawk & Dove have had little beaks on their masks since Ditko introduced them*.

    *Not sure about the Mike Baron version, or JLU.

  • Mikester says:

    Mike Z. – Even so, it’s still something I’ve never noticed before, and now I can’t un-notice it. Those little nose-beaks, creeping into my unquiet dreams. AAAUGH

    They do seem slightly more…pronounced, now, as opposed to Ditko’s version, at least as far as I can discern from the scans.

    …This is the worst thing to be discussing, isn’t it?

  • Mike Z says:

    It really is. :)

    I noticed them back in my days of tracing comics to learn how to draw them* What was really freaky was when they were in that magical reality and got “out of costume” the little beaks were still there!

    *didn’t really work

  • CW says:

    DC must buy red ink by the gallon, judging from that cover image. Yuck and blah.

  • Bear says:

    Have you seen the Super family designs?


  • Anonymous says:

    And in other news Marvel cancels Uncanny X-Men!

  • Phil Watts, Jr. says:

    The irony in all this? With all the constant yapping about how bad the 90’s were, the last time the four main characters–Tim, Bart, Con, and Cassie–were in any halfway decent stories with any good characterization was IN THE 90’S. In fact, the last time Con had some semblance of a COSTUME was in the 90’s. What does it say about the past 10 years of comics when the only idea they have for Con’s costume is…a shirt and some jeans?

  • Kid Nicky says:

    Pete Puma was on this week’s Looney Tunes Show. He had a few lines,too.