I finally went back to that old post and fixed the contrast on that Adrienne Barbeau pic.

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  • Since I’m probably never going to get that official Swamp Thing/Man-Thing crossover (though we’ve had some unofficial ones), I’ll have to settle for things like this awesome drawing by Paul Wee.
  • Hey, here’s a fantastic William Stout rendition of Swampy.
  • Can’t help but think I’ve linked this before, but it’s Swamp Thing and MODOK, hangin’ out in the swamp together. (Not to be confused with SWAMPDOK, of course.)
  • Speaking of pal Tom Foxmarnick, who drew that SWAMPDOK image for me, here is another drawing of his presenting yet another Man-Thing/Swamp Thing team-up:

    Click on that image for a much better look. And yes, I know Man-Thing has no mouth, but that little tongue is so cute.

    Tom will be selling prints of artwork just like this at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, so drop on by his table and give him a howdy-do. And some money. For art.

  • So apparently at one time there was a vote for which series was most deserving of being presented in a DC Archives hardcover edition, and coming in at a close second was Swamp Thing. So clearly there’s need of a recount. Anyway, there’s a mock-up on that site of what a Swamp Thing Archives might look like.
  • It’s tough not to love a review of the Swamp Thing movie that includes this line:

    “There’s one naked swamp bathing scene, but you just barely catch a glimpse of anything important.”

    However, sir, I must disagree. That’s naked Adrienne Barbeau you’re speaking of…every bit is important.

    Also, the cartoon at the end of the review is something else.

  • Behold: RETIRED SWAMP THING, courtesy Awesome Hospital‘s Matt Digges.
  • “Swamp Thing could fit 20 riders in its single train.” …You don’t say!
  • …And Tony Isabella tells me this comic strip made him think of me when he saw it, so I shall add him to the list of people that I’ve infected with my particular obsession. And soon, I will call upon all these people to rise up as my personal army to…well, perhaps I’ve said too much.

3 Responses to “I finally went back to that old post and fixed the contrast on that Adrienne Barbeau pic.”

  • Rich Handley says:

    I think I need glasses. I thought I saw “110 comments,” at which point I went wide-eyed and thought, “Woah! I guess there are more people out there besides me and Mike who obsess over Swamp Thing.” But then I saw that it said, “No comments.” Kind of anti-climactic, really.

  • Mike,

    There IS an officially unofficial “cross-over” betwixt Manny and Swampy.


    In an issue of “WHAT THE–?”

    It’s an 8-page “Man-Thang vs Swamp-Thang” strip by Peter B. Gillis, Doug Rice and Hilary Barta.


    (Is it me or is Man-THANG even MORE suggestive than Man-THING?)


  • Cully says:

    Diggin’ on Swampdog.