A bunch of dreck.

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Those of you with long memories or are simply stalking me may remember when I wondered, when it came for this series of Bloom County strips to be reprinted in the current Complete Bloom County hardcovers from IDW, if the original versions of the strips would make the cut, or the edited-to-satisfy-busybodies versions would prevail.

I am pleased to say that the original “Dreck” appears in Volume 4 of the Complete Bloom Country in all its glory:

Unfortunately, there is a minor technical glitch with one of the non-Dreck Sunday strips in the book…which, it turns out, is the strip they used on the back cover. Here is the detail from the panel which omits part of the gag song title “Let’s Roll Over Lionel Ritchie With A Tank” –

When I first saw this, I thought briefly that maybe, just maybe, a lawyer suggested against running that title on the cover, resulting in some…odd editing. But the same glitch appears on the strip inside, and the running-over-Ritchie gag is used again in another strip. So, who knows…just a minor screw-up, it looks like, hopefully fixed in future reprintings. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this latest volume in this excellent and oh-so-welcome series. And besides, all the true Bloom County fans pretty much know that Lionel Ritchie gag by heart anyway.

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In other news…yes, I know what happens at the end of this week’s Brightest Day #23. I’ll talk about it later this week, or maybe early next, after everyone’s had a chance to read it. I should note that sending me links to that one comics news site about it, either via email or through my comments, won’t do much good, since any messages containing links to that site are automatically spam-filtered. I do appreciate that you all thought of me when hearing the news, though, so thank you.

Also, in Write More Good news, here’s what Neil Gaiman had to say about it. And in case you were wondering: Fake AP Stylebook: The True Story. And if that’s not enough: here I am enjoying the fruits of my labor (Twitpic version if you can’t access the Facebook page).

8 Responses to “A bunch of dreck.”

  • Nimbus says:

    Apologies for spamming you Mike.

    Re: Write More Good. Unfortunately, I don’t think it made #1 on Amazon’s list yesterday. It’s nowhere near the top in the Bestsellers and Hot New Releases list and only at #9 in the Movers & Shakers list. :(

  • Kyle says:

    Mike, I don’t think you’re playing DC Universe Online but they announced Swamp Thing would make an appearance in the game with the next update!

  • Steven E. McDonald says:

    I hadn’t been paying attention to spoilers for BRIGHTEST DAY, so #23 caught me bu surprise. I actually went OH NO THEY DIDN’T! and then thought, “My God, Mike Sterling’s going to have a terminal fangasm today.”

    I won’t say that BRIGHTEST DAY has been redeemed, but…damn, that was interesting.

  • Anonymous says:


    It sure took them long enough…

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like my looooong personal boycott against DC is finally over.


    Hopefully Hastings will have Brightest Day #23-24 and the BD: Aftermath one-shot available, since my lousy town’s only local comic shop went under a few years back.

    BTW, where’s Rich Handley during all this?

    Was his soul devoured by Facebook or Crappy-pedia?

    Or maybe he’s just writing another book about those damn dirty apes…

  • Al says:

    Those 3D glasses you’re wearing look very familiar but I can’t remember where they’re from.

  • aj says:

    wait, i distinctly remember the proper wording in this strip, as shown above, in at least one bloom county book-where was it sanitized and what did it say?

  • aj says:

    strike that. you’re totally right.