Also, according to the in-show dialogue, Smallville has a comic shop.

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So I finally wrapped up my watching of the Superman: The Animated Series DVDs, and in the third season episode “Unity,” Supergirl (in her civilian get-up) is given some comic books by a friend. First up, a probable precursor to Garth Ennis’s Jennifer Blood:

Here’s a slightly larger image of said funnybook:

In a way, I sort of admire the purity of it. Though I kinda hope it’s actually about a woman who turns into a gun. Who also carries a a gun.

Here’s another comic that shows up a bit later:

Again, a better look:

This one is an object of a brief gag in the episode where Supergirl reacts in disgust at the very idea of a spider-based superhero, a direct slam, of course, on Marvel Comics’ Incredible Hulk.*

The hero of this one looks slightly like a pro-wrestler — appropriately enough, given the original Spider-Man’s initial brush with rasslin’ during his origin. But I could see this guy rising up and bellowing “SPIDER POWER!” just before whipping out his finishing move, or whatever it’s called. I’m unfamiliar with the proper parlance. Also, it looks a bit like this character borrowed a helmet and gloves from Japan’s Ultraman.

Anyway, now the Superman series is down…time to move on to Justice League! Bring ’em on, Netflix!

* Yes, I know it’s Spider-Man. I’m goofing on the obviousness of the cartoon’s reference. This footnote only exists to avoid the inevitable “um, actually” corrections in the comments.

8 Responses to “Also, according to the in-show dialogue, Smallville has a comic shop.”

  • CW says:

    “Gun Girl” sounds vaguely manga-ish to me.

  • caleb says:

    I would assume comics readers in Metropolis would read romance comics and westerns or something to escape from their dreary, every day lives of superheroes fighting robots and alien invasions and supervillains and suchlike…

  • Rich Handley says:

    I thought sure you’d weigh in on the Rob Granito situation today, Mike. :)

  • DeBT says:

    Actually, if you read it closely, the comic the girl’s reading is titled “Spioer Power”, not “Spider Power”. Of course, that brings up the question of what possible power a “Spioer” could possible have.

  • Dave-El says:

    Oddly enough, in the Superman world, Rob Granito is still a talentless rip off hack artist but actually got hired by Lex Luthor’s comic book company (LexCorp is big; so they have have a comic book company. But it’s an EVIL comic book company) to produce “Spioer Power”. (Also, in that world, Granito is also still a very, very bad speller.)

  • Andrew says:

    Um, actually, surely it should be Spider-man (no uppercase ‘m’)

  • Steven E. McDonald says:

    It’s alarming that Supergirl in civvies bears a disturbing resemblance to a young Sarah Palin.

  • Adam says:

    I originally misread ‘Gun Girl’ as ‘Bun Girl’ – I don’t know if the slang expression ‘a nice pair of buns’ is part of American idiom, but in Britain ‘Bun Girl’ would perfectly describe the breast-fixated Playboy-bunny-in-spandex approach of some artists to female superheroes. This sort of honesty could inspire a whole new genre – what late teen/early 20-something wouldn’t want to read the adventures of Bun Girl (and her sidekick Nice Ass)?