I have absolutely no memory of ever seeing anyone wear this shirt…

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…but surely somebody did:

Almost, but not quite, up there with those Metal Men t-shirts in the “not really explaining what all this is about” department. Though I guess that’s probably the point of wearing a shirt like this…the right people will know, man.

Hey, remember that time in the ’80s when Howard Chaykin did an adult-themed Blackhawk mini-series, and it was relatively popular and there were follow-up Blackhawk comics by other creators that were also adult-ish and slightly naughty and they were still getting enough attention that DC actually produced a little bit of point-of-sale signage to tell everyone “hey, Blackhawk’s in our weekly anthology book?”

And there it is. There’s tape residue on the back, so this sign was up at the shop at some point. Hopefully when the book was coming out in 1988, and not, say, in 1993.

I’m pretty sure this next bit of comics retail detritus, dated 1987, was intended to get names and addresses for store mailing lists…at least, that’s how it should have been used:

In case you can’t read the text:

“We the undersigned, wish to voice our opinion as guaranteed by the first amendment. The Mutant Registration Act as outlined by the government must be repealed if we are to maintain our freedoms as specified in the Constitution.”

Pretty sure “First Amendment” is supposed to be capitalized. Also, has the Mutant Registration Act been repealed yet? I haven’t been keeping up.

13 Responses to “I have absolutely no memory of ever seeing anyone wear this shirt…”

  • Mike, I owned and wore that very shirt.

  • I’m thinking the MRA is still around, if only so that it can be used to threaten mutants with deportation to Canada. At least thats how I understood Osborn’s threat against Emma Frost to work during Dark Reign. Because, who wants to get sent to Canada?

  • ostrakos says:

    “Also, has the Mutant Registration Act been repealed yet? I haven’t been keeping up.”

    I think Obama just told the Department of Justice to stop defending it.

  • Andrew Weiss says:

    Yeah, I had that shirt, too.

    I was also sixteen and didn’t know better.

  • David Thiel says:

    I confess to purchasing (and continuing to wear) the Gold “Metal Men” shirt. Yes, it was very much a signal to the “right” people. To date, no one has ever been the right person. Mostly, people want to poke me in the middle of the circle.

    Other signal flares I have sent up include my “30 Rock” Sheinhardt Wig Company shirt and my Yavin 4 license plate. The SWC shirt has been recognized exactly once, by a waiter in Campustown. On the other hand, the license plate is frequently recognized. A couple of weeks back, a driver who passed me on the highway turned around and gave me a big thumbs-up.

  • Jack Fear says:

    Are you sure that was his thumb?

  • philip says:

    I actually have a couple of t-shirts from “The Comics Curmudgeon” website and I am not even sure what they mean.

  • suedenim says:

    You should put that poster up NOW. It’s as true as it ever was. Whether it’s in 1988 or today, Action Comics Weekly #606 features Blackhawk, and it will for as long as Action Comics Weekly #606 exists.

  • Ron Hogan says:

    I never had THAT T-shirt, but in 1992 I bought the T-shirt with the Chaykin-designed Blackhawk logo over the left nipple.

  • mad says:

    Ha! I *still* have that t-shirt. Granted, more as a nostalgia piece that I don’t wear anymore, but it’s still somewhere in my closet.

    And no, I can’t remember if anyone ever picked up on what it was (comics were for nerds and geeks back then). Although most people did recognize it as a Rorschach test.

  • roadkillbuddha says:

    I wore a Rorschach T-Shirt like that back in college. I was a Psychology major, so everyone thought it was funny.

  • Alan Bryan says:

    Mike =– I almost bought that Watchman shirt…but instead I bought a Watchman watch (had the smiley face).

    I sold that Watch in 2006 for $130…I bought it for $25. it still worked.