In which I discuss my favorite topic.

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So I’ve become involved in more online funny business…some of my fellow Bureau Chiefs (the gang responsible for the still-ongoing Fake AP Stylebook and the forthcoming book Write More Good) have started a new project: specifically, Matt Wilson and Ken Lowery have created The Content Farm, a parody of those “how-to” instructional sites that pollute all your attempted Google searches. There is also a related Twitter feed with links to the Tumblr site, as well as original short gags. Anyway, I’ve been contributing to the shenanigans, with my first full-length piece “How to Make A Peanut Butter Sandwich” making it to the main site a couple of days ago. Ken wrote this piece, “How to Tell If You Are Bleeding from The Scalp,” which is my personal favorite and the entry I always cite when trying to explain this site.

We have lots more planned, so please keep visiting The Content Farm for more helpful hints and life strategies.

In other news involving me:

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