“Spiderman is all, ‘Yo, dude! Check out mah spiderskills. I love how radioactivity is equal to magic.'”

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From Yahoo! Answers:

This response gets right to the point:

“batman is a superhero dont listen to what anyone says they r complete dumb asses lol batman could very well be the greatest superhero in DC he might not have superpowers but he can defeat superman”

This next person goes the comparison route:

“batman is probably the best superhero. All the others are cheap.
Superman just says ‘hold a sec, busy flying and being a superhuman alien who’s indistinguishable from humans.’
Spiderman is all, ‘Yo, dude! Check out mah spiderskills. I love how radioactivity is equal to magic’
But batman says, ‘Hey, with a butt-load of money, anyone can be a superhero.'”

I’m assuming he meant “Spider-Man.”

BONUS: Everything old is new again:

Best answer, as chosen by the person originally asking the question:

“Only if it’s powered by kryptonite!”

Kryptonite lightsabres, man. Possibly the greatest thing the Internet has brought us (as discussed before).

10 Responses to ““Spiderman is all, ‘Yo, dude! Check out mah spiderskills. I love how radioactivity is equal to magic.'””

  • C. Elam says:

    Yahoo is clearly where all the great minds congregate today.

    (PSST: I get an extra ” in the last link!)

  • philfromgermany says:

    You know, when I first heard about the happenings in DKR I was like “How unrealistic is this? What is it with all the disecting and deconstruction? Has to be some europe-influenced artsy shit” And when I finally read it I was kinda underwhelmed by their fight, too. I might be in a minority here but neither DKR nor Sin City are not in my top 60% of comics. I liked both Y1 and 30o, though.

    The radioactivity equals magic bit reminded me of the classic MST3K episode “Radar Secret Service” :D

  • deadlytoque says:

    The “as discussed before” link is a 404, and the URL doesn’t have the word “archives” in it.

  • Mikester says:

    Link is fixed.

  • RDaggle says:

    slightly OT., but Mr. Sterling, I saw the image from the new movie Spider-man released yesterday, and looking at the costume could think only one thing: Corduroy pillows!

  • philip says:

    Maybe the internet is a dump truck after all …

  • Derooftrouser says:

    All the cool kids are now asking “Could Matter Eater Lad eat Superman? What if he had Kryptonite mayonnaise?”

    Mind you, if it happened then the inevitable ‘Return of Superman’ issue… would not be pretty.

  • RYard says:

    You spelled “Spiderskillz” wrong.

  • Josh says:

    Derooft, I love Tenzil, but I think that disqualifies me from being a cool kid.

  • cletar says:

    Yes, you can cut Superman in half, if you have a red lightsaber.
    You can also force-choke him, since the Force is basically magic, which is Superman’s other weakness. You’re welcome.