Okay, so I lied.

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Always remember

I couldn’t let the “meme” go without a Swamp Thing entry, surely.

The debate rages on: “Would you rather be the Man of Steel or a Jedi?”

“i would go for jedi…… superman is bullshit”

“…The Jedi could get [Superman] to a place without a yellow sun and kick his ass.”

“Superman is okay, but he would lose. Lightsabers can cut through anything.”

“The Christopher Reeve version could beat Luke Skywalker with both hands tied behind his back. The Hulk is debateable considering his brute strength.”

“yoda could prolly make supermans blood boil from the inside making him explode from the inside out. One of the strongest powers exist is within the mind for the mind can make anyone strong physically, in this case the jedi’s mind is the most powerful, as much as i love superman i know a jedi will bring him down.”

“nothing a jedi could do, including a lightsaber, could hurt or even phase superman. nothing short of a full fledged nuclear strike would even harm supes. (discluding kryptonite).”

“I’m Superman, slicing in half though the light of multiple lightsabers and the Jedi’s holding them, with my heat-vision then freeze breath all torsos in the air. Now shatter Jedi, along with your cut in half frozen saber light.. Superman Forever..”

“Now just imagine Superman training with a lightsaber under The Emperor……….learning the dark side of the force. HOLY SHIT! Now that would be doom for the entire universe……..lol”

“imagine using kryptonite as the crystal in the lightsabre then supes wouldnt stand a chance”

Kryptonite lightsabres. I love you, Internet.

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