Words to live by.

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from Adventure #413 (Dec 1971) by John Albano, Art Saaf & Bob Oksner

In other news:

11 Responses to “Words to live by.”

  • Andres says:

    Did Supergirl snap that guy’s neck?

  • Kurt Onstad says:

    From the placement of the sound effect, it appears either Supergirl’s or the other person’s knee just snapped. Judging from the squared off angle, I’m guessing other guy’s right knee.

  • Troy Wilson says:

    Thanks for mentioning Panels for Primates, Mike. Much appreciated!

    Troy Wilson
    Editor, Panels for Primates

  • ExistentialMan says:

    You can tell that’s not the REAL Captain America. It has a bionic throttle, a Soviet star on the carburetor, and there is a gun holster strapped to the sissy bar. Whilst speaking to the arson investigator, the unidentified owner slipped up when he referred to it as “Bucky”.

  • Koosbing says:

    Never mind Superman, look at Diana in the second to last panel! Even allowing for the horrible glasses, her face looks terribly proportioned, more like a strategicaly shaved chimp than a woman’s face.

  • Jack says:

    I actually thought Diana had a date with Bizarro there for a second. *shudder*

  • Sir A1! says:

    How Abraham Lincoln really died. She punched him so hard, it not only took off his hat, but made him bald.

  • Sarah says:

    Eh, Lincoln deserved it. He was always so handsy.

  • Man, I loved that era when Supergirl had a whole wardrobe of costumes that were distinct, but all recognizably “SUPERGIRL”.

    Some of them were awful, some terrific, but I’d rather have the worst of them than the current damned belly shirt.

  • The League says:

    Wow! That fire was actually very close to my house. Can’t believe someone just had that sitting in a garage in South Austin.

  • Steve Saaf says:

    Thanks for posting this Supergirl panel done by my dad!

    Happy Holidays