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I’ve been so used to seeing the Kryptonian language represented by a special symbol typeface in Superman comics over the last few years that seeing a phonetic version of spoken Kryptonian is…well:

from Action Comics #489 (Nov 1978) by Cary Bates, Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte

…yeah. I suppose, once I have a spare decade and a complete collection of Superman comics, I can catalog the different ways Kryptonian has been represented over the years. Then I can finally fulfill my dream of opening a Kryptonian language camp for underprivileged children, and we can compete with the Klingon language camp across the lake…but perhaps I’ve said too much.
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In other news:


  • jake says:

    Hi Mike. I absolutely love your blog! Brings back so many fond memories of my own comic fandom. Got a question for ya: did you happen to read the “Weird Worlds” preview that was in the back of DC’s mags last week? There’s a new character called Garbageman, who, to me, is very reminiscent of a certain muck-encrusted mockery. Although, in a way I guess the two characters are total opposites – a brawl between them sure would be cool. Now, due to my lack of interest in all things Lobo, I wasn’t going to pick this comic up, but as a fellow Alec Holland devotee, Garbageman might be just close enough to scratch that Swamp Thing itch. What did you think of the preview? Were you reminded of Swampy too?

  • Ron Hogan says:

    Even better than Rick Veitch coming along and drawing the Gelatinous Cube from Dungeons & Dragons: Our very notion of the Gelatinous Cube COMES FROM RICK VEITCH.

  • De says:

    Here’s where I destroy any credibility I might have ever had: I used to date a woman who went to Klingon language camp.

  • CW says:

    Mike, I’ve translated that image for you: “I call it The Aristocrats!” ;)

  • damanoid says:

    “Why rubber today ream buy on Krypton I you wear?”

    You’re a mean drunk, Superman.