Today’s post is called…

§ October 7th, 2010 § Filed under sick day § 13 Comments

…on account of an emergency root canal.

Believe you me, I’d rather being comics blogging.

Sorry, gang…hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow.

13 Responses to “Today’s post is called…”

  • Nimbus says:

    Today’s post is called “On Account of An Emergency Root Canal”?!? Strange title. ;)

    Joking aside, hope all goes well Mike! Take care.

  • Roger Green says:

    I’ve had it done – no fun.

  • Andres says:

    I hope ur teefs feel better.

  • philip says:

    Ungood. Hope it is over and done quickly and painlessly. I remember mine being mostly boring, then my jaw was tired for a couple of days. (That’s what sh– aw, forget it.)

  • Casie says:

    Yet you still have an update for your site. Adorable :) Hope you feel better real soon.

  • GQ says:

    Bad times.
    Feel better soon, Mike.

  • Andrew Leal says:

    I remember the last time I had an impacted *and* somewhat decaying wisdom tooth extracted (fortunately a possible root canal was deemed unnecessary afterwards). Not unmixedly pleasant. Feel better soon, yon Mike! Lay on your back and think of Sluggo!

  • skizelo says:

    can anyone more dentistry-savvy than me explain how a root canal can jump up to an emergency?

  • Mikester says:

    skizelo – Since I am back from the dentist’s, I am happy to explain. It went from “hmmm, that doesn’t feel 100%, I’ll have to make an appointment with my dentist soon” to “OH DEAR SWEET GOD I CAN’T SEE.” It went from very minor annoyance to nearly unbearable literally overnight, so I had to get it taken care of right away if I expected to continue to function like a human being. Or like a comic shop manager, which is close enough.

  • CW says:

    Mike, this song should cheer you up a bit:

  • I had to have one done when a botched minor dental procedure suddenly led to an infection (during a long holiday weekend) and I nearly died (because no dentists or oral surgeons were available).

    Not a good time.

    But, as for the root canal… it wasn’t so bad.
    Y’know… compared to the hallucination-filled infection pain and the nearly dying thing.

    Feel better, Mikester!
    If it helps, all the meds should have you talking… like… Alec… Holland…


  • Ken Lowery says:


    No one has a root canal for the hell of it. When I had mine at the beginning of this year, my aching tooth had gotten to the point where I couldn’t concentrate, sleep, or eat, the pain was so intense. It was a feverish throb that spread from my jaw to the rest of my head, and breathing in and out would alternately soothe the tooth or set the thing on fire — seemingly at random.

    I’m going to assume that since you have to ask, you’ve never had to deal with tooth pain that bad before. I hope you never have to.

  • Tom Mason says:

    Hey Mike – feel better. Tooth pain is worse than the art in some Golden Age comics.