What I did on Saturday.

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Once again I was was one of the…objectives, I suppose, for the annual scavenger hunt held by local art studio Eighty Six.

In the packet each team of scavenging hunters received, along with, of course, the list of items they needed to seek out, or shenanigans they needed to record themselves doing, they received a copy of this grade school activity sheet:

And they needed to obtain a packet of precut photos, taken mostly from old metal magazines, to glue into the bus’s windows. A typical selection looked like this:

Okay, there was the occasional “ringer” in there, but frankly, Betty White is pretty metal in her own way.

Where I come in is how the hunters were supposed to obtain the pack. They were to come to our store, approach me, say “the secret password is ‘King Neil Diamond Dave Mustaine,'” and then wink at me. At that point I’d hand them the packet of pics.

Now, this sounds like it’d be a day full of interruptions and distractions, but it all went fairly smoothly, and frankly it was such a laugh that I didn’t mind losing a wee bit o’worktime over it. And one reason it was funny was that about half of the hunters who came into the store forgot the winking part, and I wasn’t going to give up the picture pack until they made with the winking. They’d say the password, and I’d just kinda stand there, looking at them expectantly, as the realization would dawn upon them that they did something wrong. They’d eventually figure it out, usually by immediately sticking their nose into their list and rereading the instructions to see what they missed, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t gain some amusement from their brief confusion and discomfort.

I’m a horrible human being, I realize.

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