Blogging about WordPress is a sin.

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Gang, I’m finally in the process of making that jump to WordPress from Blogger, due to Blogger’s impending removal of certain publishing tools that I use to produce this award-winning content day in and day out. (NOTE: No awards have actually been won by this site.)

As such, I spent most of my Tuesday evening transferring posts from one spot to another, messing around with templates, and not coming up with a post for today. So I apologize, and hopefully soon I can finish up and get at least a barebones WordPress version of my site going. Not sure if my rotating “since 1969″/”what people are saying about PR” thingies will make the transition, but we’ll see.

Another problem is the comments, which may not make the transfer and makes all that hoohar about the changing comments system sort of moot. I think there’s a WordPress install for the comments system I’m using, but I’ll look into it this evening. (I’m writing this at past midnight Wednesday morning, by the way…say, don’t I have to break down a new comics order in a few hours?)

One question I want to ask you folks…the WordPress theme I plan on using (essentially the same one pal Dorian is using, but with one sidebar) has the option of an 800 pixel-wide display, or a 1024 pixel-wide one. I’m leaning towards 1024, but I want to hear what you folks think, so please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your patience over the next couple of days as I try to make this transition.

A handful of links:

  • It’s episode 7 of The Variants! It’s like your comic shop, but funnier!
  • War Rocket Ajax interviews the boys from El Gorgo! Stick around through the end of the interview to hear an awful, awful question I submitted to be asked of these poor guys.
  • Over at Comics Alliance, Chris Sims has a new installment of Chris Vs. Previews, which is kind of like my End of Civilization posts, except that son-of-a-bitch gets paid for it. Plus, he totally borrowed a joke from my Previews write-up for his article, which he asked if he could do, and I of course said yes, because why? Because Chris and I are BROTHERS IN COMICS, that’s why.

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