In which Mike has had some minor technical issues.

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I’ve had bit of a computer problem here at Progressive Ruin Headquarters, which thankfully is not serious (i.e. nothing expensive needed replacement, and no irreplaceable data was lost), but the end result is that I’ve spent quite a while reinstalling system software and programs, and as my computer is held together pretty much by hope and prayers, I’ve been doing some juggling to make sure everything is working together the same way it was before. So, if some of you were wondering why “Sluggo Saturday” was so late yesterday…that’s why. (I ended up posting that one from work.)

Ultimately, “Operation: Get Mike’s Computotron Running Again” hasn’t left me with any time to put together the “Other Things Arisia Was Saying” follow-up post. I’ll try to get it up Monday, so if you had any of your own entries you wanted to send in, you’ve got a day’s extension.

So I’m gonna call a “time-out” for this site today, while I continue to get my computer back in fightin’ shape. Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you tomorrrow.

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