Arisia groks the local tongue.

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So in the Millennium trade paperback (by Steve Englehart, Joe Staton and Ian Gibson), there’s a scene where alien Green Lantern Arisia comments on her own acclimation to life on Earth…well, specifically to one particular region of Earth:

Well, that seemed rife with possibilities, and while the original panel is Funny Because It’s True (I mean, I’m an American, and I love my grub and drink), I suspected there were other folks Arisia could sound like.

So here you go…some pals of mine and I have cooked up a few alternatives:

From Andrew:

From Bully the Little Stuffed Bull:

From Dave:

From Pal Dorian:

From Ken:

From Shane:

From yours truly:

Oh, look, where did this come from?

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