Didn’t we just get some new comics last week?

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  • Archie #600 – This is the infamous “Archie Marries Veronica” issue that probably would have sold like gangbusters had it come out during that initial burst of publicity a few months ago, when the comic was originally solicited. But as it is, we bumped up the orders on this just a smidgen, since we do have a few people still interested in the storyline. I am interested in seeing how sales on subsequent installments fare, once people realize this is in fact a story that takes place in “the future,” and not a permanent status quo change for the franchise.
  • Blackest Night: Superman #1 – Had DC gone for the $3.99 price point on these tie-in mini-series, I imagine sales wouldn’t have been nearly as strong. People are really digging this event, but I’m hoping once the tie-ins and crossovers begin to pile on, interest won’t wane. The most recent DC solicitations reveal “Blackest Night” tie-ins virtually across the board in DC’s superhero titles, and I’d prefer that folks pick and choose the tie-ins that look interesting to them, rather than decide it’s all too much and avoid the event altogether.

    Okay, I’d actually prefer our customers buy one of each — well, two of each — because I’m just a poor funnybook seller and would like to keep a roof over my head.

  • Hellblazer #258 – Geez, our sales on this have really bottomed out. Not really sure why…Hellblazer is one of those titles that’s usually pretty good, regardless of who’s working on the title (though that “Empathy Is The Enemy” story a couple of years back was rough going). Perhaps now that we’re approaching 300 issues on this series, maybe people have read enough Hellblazer stories? The three-digit issue number dissuading new readers? A somewhat haphazard trade paperback program (with unnumbered volumes, and several issues as yet unreprinted)?
  • Punisher #8, Punisher: Frank Castle #73, Punisher: Noir #1 – Hey, remember just a few years ago when we had just one Punisher title on the stands, and it sold really well? Yeah, that was nice.

    Now, Marvel publishing, what, two dozen, three dozen Deadpool monthlies? I can understand that, since Deadpool comics are like money-making machines at the moment. But multiple Punisher titles? The primary reason Punisher comics sold this time around was Garth Ennis’s involvement, but even sales on Ennis-written issues began to decline near the end, there. Multiple titles for a franchise in decline is just a quick way to kill it off even more quickly, it seems to me.

    Don’t get me wrong…I do like the idea of having the more adult-oriented Punisher and a Marvel Universe-centric Punisher available for readers. But it doesn’t seem as if the market can support them both right now.

  • Red Circle: The Web #1 – Okay, I’ve been liking these, even though they’re selling about how I expected them to sell. Don’t know that I need a bunch of regular series and mini-series dumped on me, but as one-shots, they’ve been fun. I realize the strategy this time around is to tie the Red Circle characters into the DC Universe, and whether that gives a sales boost to the titles, I don’t know. I hope so, since I happen to like these characters, but I have a feeling that readers don’t want yet another set of superheroes to follow at the moment.
  • Stand: American Nightmares #5 – Not surprisingly, sales on The Stand have remained consistent while Dark Tower comics have dropped quite a bit, given how much more accessible the former is. I will note that we’ve seen a small upswing in sales on the hardcover collections, since the non-comic-reading King fans who’ve given up on the monthly books are catching on to the hardcovers’ existence.

In other news:

  • Hey, that Kevin Church cat has somehow survived for another year! Happy birthday, pal!
  • Need some more overviews of the latest Diamond Previews? Here’s Dave’s look at some goodies and not-so-goodies, and pal Dorian presents another Previews for Gays.
  • Speaking of Dave, you have been reading his Space Cabbie Sundays, haven’t you?
  • Chris Sims isn’t busy enough hoarding all the comics blog readers for himself…he’s also going to steal your ears with his new, spectacularly-named podcast War Rocket Ajax, created with Eugene from People You Don’t Know. Check out the first episode here, guest-starring a clearly-abducted and forced-to-participate Matt Fraction!
  • Andrew unveils another installment of “Nobody’s Favorites,” this time featuring a character/brand name that DC keeps throwing at the wall, but never quite gets it to stick.
  • And now…the most amazing thing you’re going to see today: DC’s mostly forgotten Angel Love series gets mixed with Eric Clapton…with astounding results!

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