Yes, I told our customers that all of his scripts had allegedly been turned in ahead of time.

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  • Rich from Roots of the Swamp Thing e-mailed me about this interview with Guillermo del Toro, in which the interviewer asks del Toro if he could consider making a Swamp Thing movie. And in response?

    “I would love to make a Swamp Thing movie….”

    Of course, that doesn’t mean he is going to make a Swamp Thing movie…he’s got a few years’ worth of projects to tackle first, but at least he’s got the idea in his head.

    After seeing the giant plant monster in his Hellboy II flick, I imagine his Swamp Thing would work quite nicely.

  • Blah blah new Watchmen trailer blah blah gravely Rorschach narration blah blah finally gives uninitiated an idea of the plot blah blah Dr. Manhattan talking blah blah bullet time ahoy blah blah parts look straight out of the comic blah blah blurred blue penis blah blah cgi human bean juice blah blah Civilian Dan looks good blah blah Manhattan freaking out = cool blah blah sorry folks that one part is actually from a dream sequence blah blah.

  • A new comic or two: Batman: Cacophony #1 is Kevin Smith’s first new comics work since the aborted Daredevil mini and the horrendously-delayed Spider-Man/Black Cat. Funny, our customers don’t seem to be going out of their way to pick up this new thing. Can’t imagine why not.

    The comic itself is a mixed bag…while there’s some cleverness involving Deadshot, there’s also a lot of leaden dialogue that’s apparently meant to be witty and/or outrageous and just comes off as “trying too hard.” Or maybe I just don’t have the patience for it any more. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

    Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Superman, or something like that – I think we could have safely lost the extra sketch pages, and just published the 23-page story in the standard format for $2.99 and saved everyone a buck. Art’s nice, though…not quite as mannered as Ross’ usual painted work.

    The Black Terror #1 – latest installment in the ongoing Project Superpowers Golden Age superhero revival thing, and…not quite sure what the point of it all is, really. Feels like one of those comics that I like more in concept than in execution. While I enjoy seeing some of the off-brand Golden Age superheroes in action, and it all looks nice, the actual stories themselves have yet to grab me.

    Fall of Cthulhu: Godwar #3 – I don’t have much to say about it, really, other than I’ve been enjoying this ongoing serial involving Lovecraft’s space monster mythos. The shorts Boom! Studios have been doing in their Cthulhu Tales books are fine and all, but I appreciate the longer-form stories of Fall of Cthulhu a bit more, if only because there’s more space to get to know the characters, and of course to build the creepiness and the horror. Perhaps part 3 of a 4 part series, following up on a previous dozen or so issues, may not be the best time to recommend a series, but at least look for the trades if you’re big on the Lovecraft thing.

    Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips #3 – Issue #3, and we’re only how far into the story? This adaptation is going to be ONE MILLION ISSUES LONG.

  • Hey, once former and now part-time employee Kid Chris is on the Twitter. Add him to your Twitter list, and maybe he’ll post something on there again.

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