A little bit of the crass commercialism.

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I received one of these for Christmas:

Pretty nice, ain’t it? Now I have statues of both of my favorite comic book characters…Swamp Thing and Uncle Scroge McDuck. Yes, I know that’s weird. No, not the “owning statues” part, but that my two favorite comic book characters are Swamp Thing and Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

Well, okay, the “owning statues” part is weird, too. Have I mentioned that I have two Swamp Thing statues?

I was also gifted with that new Futurama direct-to-DVD movie, so all you folks asking me if I’ve seen it…yes, I will be seeing it shortly. And I finally got a copy of Black Books series 3, which will surely help me improve my shop management skills.

And because I know you all want to know…pal Dorian, after returning the Cute Galactus he’d planned on giving me until it turned out that, well, I bought one for myself, presented me with something nearly as terrifying: CUTE LEX LUTHOR:

Alas, no cutesy descriptions of Luthor’s personality and/or abilities on the packaging, like Cute Galactus had, but he does come with a badass springloaded injury-to-eye Kryptonite cannon, so there’s that.

I swear my discussion of these presents wasn’t just an excuse for Amazon links. But, you know, so long as I was talkin’ about ’em…what the heck, right?

Also, I wanted to mention to you folks that I’ll likely be going through the links in my sidebar and deleting sites that haven’t updated in a while…or may very well be gone completely. It’s been a few months since I’ve done a thorough checking. Remember, kids, check and wash your sidebar on a regular basis! It’s just good hygiene.

Anyway, if you have a link in the sidebar, there, and you haven’t updated since, say, last June, your link’s gotta go…unless, of course, you e-mail me and swear up and down you’re gonna get going on your site again, in which case, because I’m a soft touch, I’ll leave the link up.

As a reminder: GO SPEND MONEY AT YOUR COMIC SHOP THIS WEEK. You know that ten-spot Aunt Cynthia always slips into your Christmas card every year? What are you gonna spend it on? Food? Clothing? Rent? Pshaw! Go buy some funnybooks, friend. As I noted a couple days ago, the new releases this Friday (delayed from Wednesday due to Christmas) are going to add up to a not-so-pretty penny, so please lend a hand, and some coin of the realm, to your local retailer. Who knows…there might even be some kind of after-Christmas sale there to make up for the late arrival of the new books (hint hint nudge).

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