Swamp Thing Week is over, but I’m about to make you wish it wasn’t.

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And now, selected dialogue spoken by the super-villain Genocide from Brigade #2 (October 1992) by Rob Liefeld, Marat Mychaels, Hank Kanalz, Eric Stephenson, Paul Scott, and Norm Rapmund:

“Brigade! Bring me the heroes you call Brigade, lest I am forced to rip this city apart brick by brick until I find them!”

Quickly! I grow impatient — only the arrival of Brigade shall stem my wrath — the wrath of Genocide!”

Bah! What do I care of your puny city! I am Genocide! Your petty civilization means nothing to me!”

“I expected more from a warrior of your caliber!”

“…Months of study have allowed me to anticipate your every move…which is why you, Stasis, must be the next to fall!”

“While your immense size is a considerable asset — it is an equally considerable liability!”

“…Your insignificance could not be more overstated! A true warrior transcends dependence on mere weapons….”

AARRGHH! I can’t move! What manner of cowardly ploy is this?! Have you no honor?!


Off, you insolent maggots!

“…I am Genocide! The mere utterance of my name causes entire civilizations to quake with fear!”

“I have laid low cities of such grandeur the likes of you could never imagine! But always with honor! Always with respect!

Insignificant gnats!! I’ve toyed with you for too long!

“And once I’ve squeezed the last breaths out of your wretched frames, I’ll slaughter your people like cattle!

“Contemptible fools! Did you truly believe you could withstand the sheer might of a warrior of the blood?!

Wha–?! No! They can’t have found me –“

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