Benedict, Birthdays, Books, and Bitching.

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Now, I wasn’t going to discuss this on my site, since a quick search through AskCerebra reveals that both H from the Comic Treadmill and Dr. Scott from Polite Dissent have discussed this issue, and I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. But, ever since it came to my attention, this comic is always there, lurking in the back of my mind, taunting me, teasing me with its brilliance.

And so, just to get it out of my system, let me point out Batman Family #1 (Oct. 1975). The lead story (by Elliot S! Maggin and Mike Grell) is blurbed on the cover, by Batman his own self, as “the origin of the Batgirl-Robin team” — and what would that origin entail, you ask?

Benedict Arnold is sent by Satan to the world of the living in order to crush, once and for all, the American spirit…a plan that apparently includes the defeat of Batgirl and Robin. Here’s Benedict in a swordfight with Barbara ‘n’ Dick:

It goes without saying that Arnold fails, and Satan isn’t pleased:

Please please please tell me this is still in DC universe continuity. Okay, it’s probably in Grant Morrison’s Batman continuity, but what I wouldn’t give for a flashback in, say, Birds of Prey, with Barbara Gordon remembering that one time, long ago, when she and a young Dick Grayson found themselves in a fight for America’s spirit against a demonically-powered Benedict Arnold.

Surely that’s not too much to ask.

In other news:

  • Reader John informs me that today, Tuesday, June 12th, is the birthday of Swamp Thing cocreator Len Wein. I’m sure Mr. Wein doesn’t know me from Adam (well, except maybe as “that one guy who likes Swamp Thing just a little too much”), but I hope he accepts my birthday wishes anyway. Happy Birthday, sir, and thank you for creating my favorite comic book character!
  • I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of the long-running Wild Cards novel series…well, poking around on a site or two, trying to follow up on the news of new installments from a new publisher (coming Jan. 2008, by the way), I discovered the apparently months-old news that there’s going to be a new Wild Cards comic book. It’s another Marvel Comics/Dabel Brothers joint…other comics from this partnership haven’t done anything for me, unfortunately, but I’m looking forward to this new mini. Hey, we’re all fanboys about something.
  • I just wanted to thank Chris Sims for his referring to “the alleged Geoff Johns/Richard Donner run on Action Comics,” as that description just totally sums it up. For all the ballyhooing of this fantastic new team, and how great it is that one of the Superman film directors is involved in the series, the parade of fill-ins by other teams just indicates that, once again, BALL SUCCESSFULLY DROPPED. I’m just getting tired of this shit. I don’t like it, my customers don’t like it (and believe me, I hear about it), but apparently DC and Marvel think it’s just dandy, because they keep doing it. They hype the books up the wazoo, and then it’s delays and fill-ins and annoyed fans and retailers.

    By the way, we’re approaching the 16-month mark since the last issue of Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine came out. But hey, some guy from Lost is writing it! That’s great for the comics industry!

    I should note that it’s nothing short of a miracle that Dark Tower appears to be on schedule.

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