So, sometime this morning…

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…someone decided to smash the glass in our store’s front door.

Apparently someone doesn’t want me spreading the truth about The Adventures of Patoruzu. THEY CAN’T SCARE ME INTO SILENCE.

Actually, whoever did this also hit a shop down the block, so it appears to be just random vandalism and not, say, attempted burglary or an act of revenge by someone I once told to not sit on the floor and read an entire run of Gold Digger for free.

I wish I’d brought the camera with me…the glass is entirely shattered, with a big gaping hole in the center, and even as I type this little bits and pieces keep dropping off around the edges of the hole. And of course people are looking through the hole and asking “Hey, you open?”

Sigh. That glass door company we called better get here soon.

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