Feeling a bit taxed.

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So, DC’s weekly series 52 is just about to end, and a new weekly, Countdown, is on its way. A couple observations:

  • The first issue of 52 sold very well, and dipped with the issues immediately following (as expected). However, I did expect 52-fatigue to set in about — I don’t know, halfway through the series, maybe? — but it never happened. Sales have remained consistently stable and strong throughout the run. I did have a few folks threaten to drop the book, saying things like “okay, I’ll give this series just one more issue,” but they kept with it.
  • I did have a few people complain that there wasn’t enough Superman, Batman, and/or Wonder Woman in 52. Um, that was the point, I thought…52 was supposed to show us what was going on in the DC Universe without the Big Three looming over everything.
  • I’m curious just how Countdown is going to do. I’ve been hearing quite a few customers saying that, while they followed and enjoyed 52, one year-long weekly series was enough, thank you, and that they’ll probably pass on Countdown. A few have cited the price increase, from 52‘s $2.50 to the new series’ $2.99, as a factor against the series as well. I’m guessing that at least some of these folks will probably cave, and sample the series anyway. I mean, if you’re coming in every week for your funnybooks, you’re going to see a new Countdown on the shelf, and it’s just one more $2.99 book to add to the pile…it’s not that big of a deal.

    Nonetheless, I am expecting to see a slight dip in sales, compared to 52.

    Another barrier for some of my customers is their disinterest in the cast of characters for Countdown. How anyone can resist the tagline of “JIMMY OLSEN MUST DIE,” I have no idea. But, since I had similar complaints about 52 (again, the lack of Supes, Bats, and, er, Wondy, I guess), and sales still remained strong on that series, I imagine it won’t be that much of a problem for this new weekly.

In other non-weekly comic news:

  • Okay, so we haven’t sold any back issues of Ka-Zar in…geez, I don’t know, a good long while. Ka-Zar has been, for quite a while now, a real “who cares?” kind of title. So what happens? On Saturday, someone comes in and buys a whole boatload of Ka-Zar. Fine, great, it was bound to happen eventually. The very next day…someone else comes in and asks for Ka-Zar, before I’ve had a chance to pull extras out of storage, process ‘n’ price ’em, and restock the back issue bins. If the universe is going to mock me, I wish it would use a medium aside from Ka-Zar back issues.
  • Dear person who calls every week for the new edition of the Overstreet Price Guide: IT’S NOT MY FAULT IT’S NOT OUT YET. It’s not like I’m in the basement printing the books myself. (Besides, my basement printing equipment is currently tied up with Ultimates 2 #13.)
  • Requests for a new issue of Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk increased slightly this past week. It’s cute when fans have hope and faith.
  • I have no idea:

    EDIT: Reader Skip has provided a translation. Thanks, Skip!

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