I’ve been doing a lot of these miscellaneous-topic posts lately, for which I apologize.

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  • To follow up on my statement the other day regarding customers unfamiliar with the concept of multiple covers, I bring you this from Saturday:

    “Hey, this comic has two different covers. That’s weird…I’ve never seen that before!”

    And I assure you, that wasn’t sarcasm. And he’s been buying comics from us for a while.

    It’s a little reassuring, actually, that there are still comic fans who don’t worry overly much about the publishers’ marketing gimmicks. Sometimes I forget, since I have to look at and deal with these things pretty much every day, that not everyone is totally plugged into every single aspect of the industry.

  • I don’t buy DVDs much anymore, since setting up a Netflix mail-rental account (though of late, it seems like my local post office sits on my movies for about a week before finally getting around to delivering them to me…but that’s another story). However, after talking about Superman Returns with a customer of mine on Saturday (hi, Glenn!), I realized that, regardless of whatever storytelling problems and quirks the movie had, the sheer beauty of the film, along with some stunning set pieces (like the plane rescue) made this a film I’d like to own.

    So, yeah, I bought it…the two-DVD set that came with the little metallic-silver covered booklet detailing the character’s history (including the “post-Crisis” status of the character that’s becoming less and less valid as time goes on).

    As for the movie itself, I reviewed it, kinda sorta, here, here, and here if you’re curious. Though I’d like to amend my statement about Luthor looking a bit like Smallville‘s Lionel Luthor during the museum heist…I now think he looks more like Snape from Harry Potter.

  • Speaking of movies: after wondering whether or not Galactus was going to be in the Fantastic Four sequel, this article appears with the director apparently confirming that Galactus will indeed make an appearance. Curiously, the director says this:

    “We haven’t finished the design of him/it so be careful about what you read and believe.”

    Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about filmmaking, but with the movie opening in June, isn’t this cutting things a tad close? Though I seem to remember that Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I believe, was still putting final touches on the film’s effects almost until the absolute last minute, so this sort of thing probably isn’t uncommon. I’m sure one of you folks out there can set me straight.

    When I was talking with pal Dorian about this at the shop on Saturday, it occurred to me that maybe some kind of William Castle-esque gimmick can be employed. Reed Richards, at some point in the film, can point offscreen and shout “Look out! It’s Galactus!” And then someone in a Galactus costume can run down one of the theatre aisles, shout “I HUNGER!” or something similar, and run back out again.

    This is what goes through my head at work when I wait too long to take my lunch break.

  • Pal Dorian pointed me in the direction of this Newsarama article detailing a DC panel at Wondercon. The only bit of information of note, at least to me:

    “Will Swamp Thing go back to the original DCU? Didio: We ask every day. We really do.”


  • Clue #1 that we have too much stuff at our store: selling a few thousand dollars’ worth of graphic novels to a library on Friday, and having the shelves look like hardly a dent was made in them. Well, except for the suddenly depleted Little Lulu section.

    Clue #2 – Would you like to buy a full run of Dazzler? ‘Cause we got it. Multiple full runs of Dazzler, actually.

  • One thing we’re not overstocked on is Amazing Spider-Man #252, the first appearance of the black costume. We acquired what can only be accurately described as “a royal buttload” of them a couple years back, but we’ve run through about 2/3rds of them in the last few weeks as folks snap them up in anticipation of the black costume’s appearance in the third Spider-Man movie. At least, I’m assuming that’s the reason.
  • Been noticing this over the last few weeks: Wildstorm’s licensed horror titles (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, etc.) are just withering on the vine at our shop. Our orders are dropping so low on them, it’s almost not worth bothering. I wonder what’s more to blame: Avatar Press devaluing the properties when they had their mitts on them, or just general disinterest in these aging franchises? (Or maybe they’re just not very good, but I haven’t read them, so I hesitate to judge.) I do get people asking to poke through the back issues for these series, but invariably it’s just to look, not buy.
  • I’m sorry, did I just see the Hulk with an dinosaur head coming out of his…


    Photo totally stolen from Chris Karath, who has lots more large pics of this toy and the Apocalypse “Shape Shifter.”

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