I ain’t scared of no weekly comical book.

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Your out-of-context quote from new comics day:

“Devo sweat? You’re soaking in it!”

Okay, so it was I who dared to say such a thing, while I was reminiscing with pal Tom about how I saw Devo during their first reunion tour in the late ’80s. I was pressed up against the dead center of the stage, with Mark Mothersbaugh flinging his Devo sweat right upon me. AND I NEVER SHOWERED AGAIN.

Anyway, back to comics:

Kid Chris speaks briefly about that comic book-themed UCLA radio show he was on yesterday morning. I only got to listen to it for about half an hour, just long enough to hear pal Ian‘s call and his vain attempts to get a word in edgewise what with all the excitable college students and uncooperative equipment. Plus, I heard Kid Chris totally slam Swamp Thing. Hey, Chris, remember that “former employee discount” you used to have….?

Oh, relax, Kid Chris fans, I’m just joshin’ him. Maybe.

52 #1 – Well, here we go, the first installment of the next year of your comics-readin’ life. I do like the idea of a weekly comic, and this issue is a strong start, with a nice interweaving of several characters and plotlines (and a cameo appearance by Mr. Mind, a fave of mine). Nice art, strong creative team, interesting concept…I think there’s a danger of some weekly-comic fatigue from the fans after a few months, though, particularly from the people who don’t want to still be thinking about the impact of Infinite Crisis nine months after the fact.

But I’m not some ordinary, weak-kneed, lily-livered comics fan. You think a weekly comic can break me? Bring it, suckas.

Quick shots:

Mad Magazine #466 – Since Stephen Colbert has been in the public eye of late, I thought I should note that the new ish of Mad contains screenshots and a transcripts of The Colbert Report‘s birthday tribute to Fold-In master Al Jaffee.

Angel Spotlight: Illyria – A sorta sad and quiet issue, um, aside from the action scenes, nicely written by Peter David.

Spike: Lost and Found – An improvement on the last one-shot, which was pretty crappy, with a story more of interest to longtime fans, regarding a second Gem of Amarrah. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means…I do, but then I’m a professional nerd.

Last Planet Standing #1 – Employee Nathan pointed out Galactus’ use of the term “Final Solution” in this comic, which we all agree seems like kind of a bad idea.

Will Eisner’s John Law: Angel’s Ashes Devil’s Dust #1 – No comment about the contents…just wanted to say I got a real Kitchen Sink Press vibe off the way this comic looks.

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 4 – More crazy JLA/JSA team-ups, including one that throws in the Legion of Super-Heroes too. They better have given artist Dick Dillin hazard pay for that story.

You know, doing these really brief comments about various comics make me want to do another discussion of every comic that comes out in a single week (here’s the last time I did it). But then I wait a while, and the feeling eventually goes away.

In other news:

E.C. Segar’s Thimble Theatre is being rereleased in hardcover. GOOD. I missed Fantagraphics’ reprinting the first time around (though I’ve been able to borrow and read ’em). Six affordable volumes, which I think are going to reprint the whole run…this is good news. Tom Spurgeon promises more info, so watch this space. Or, rather, Tom’s space.

Via pal Dorian:


It’s a freakin’ Grumpy prop from Land of the Lost. If you buy me this, I’ll be your special internet friend. (But not with “benefits” — sorry, Kevin.)

* You don’t really have to buy me this. Honest. I’m not legally responsible if you spend several thousand dollars on this item to send to some guy you’ve never met, just because he told you to do so on his stupid weblog.

It’s…(sniff)…it’s okay.

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