Black Orchid and newer comics.

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H at the Comic Treadmill wrote up a nice overview of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s Black Orchid mini-series, which featured a guest-appearance by your favorite swamp creature and mine, Swamp Thing. It also featured an appearance by a character named “Sterling,” and, in honor of yours truly, H was good enough to illustrate his post with images that referenced this Mr. Sterling.

And that’s where I got my new picture in that upper right hand spot on my website, featuring a phrase I’m sure at least some of you have thought to yourselves when reading my site in the past.

New comics day was yesterday, and unfortunately Diamond didn’t ship several books to us (including Nightwing, Black Panther, Powers, and, alas, Blowjob)…hopefully they’ll take pity on us and do an emergency ship for everything we were missing.

The new Alter Ego features articles and a checklist for the highly-regarded Golden Age artist Matt Baker, who died far too young. I’ve not seen this much information on him in the past, and, to be honest, I don’t think I’d even seen a picture of him before. One of the articles does state that he passed on in ’59, and apparently that had been a point of contention in the past (since Lambiek states he died in ’57, while Wikipedia says ’63). Whatever the year, I think we can all agree it was too tragically early. At any rate, the new AE has a lot of good info and plenty of art samples by Baker, and it’s well worth picking up.

Hey, Brother Voodoo is in the new issue of Gambit! Finally, a popular character is appearing in that book! (Oh, relax, I kid.)

The new issue of New Thunderbolts (which is new, you know) has an in-story reference to a website called “Thunderblog” — the address for which is…and sure enough, it’s live (and doesn’t just redirect you to Newsarama, like the link from Intimates #5 does). For a second there, I thought the weblogs listed under “Blogs I Like” had live links as well, but alas, they’re just there as sight gags. The very least they could have done is have “Hulk Blog” link to the one true Hulk weblog. I did smile at the Judy Blume joke, though.

And no new comics day can be entirely bad if there’s a new issue of Flaming Carrot on the stands.

For no good reason whatsoever (aside from the fact that pal JP and I were talking about this particular item yesterday)…the DC Direct Bottled City of Kandor statue!

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