In which I mention a lot of blogs.

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My weblog had the highest amount of traffic ever over the last week…thanks to all you readers out there! I’ve come a long way from ten hits a day, half of which were me.

Anyway…I forget who linked to this first (I think I found it over at Fanboy Rampage), but John Byrne is posting a page a day from You Go, Ghoul on his site…the title is absolutely shameless, but the comic itself is pretty amusing. Warning: takes a while to load, even if you have that newfangled DSL-type connection.

Tomorrow we’ll be receiving our Free Comic Book Day stock…that’ll be a lot of funnybooks, given that we’re carrying every single darn free item that’s gonna be available. I hope next year if Marvel pitches a fit about the timing of FCBD, every other participating publisher tells them to take a hike. It’s not like Marvel’s free comic is ever all that good anyway. Like pal Dorian said, we had an awful lot of people ask about FCBD back in May…not so many now, even with the huge FCBD logo painted in the window.

Also, he said with no transitional flow whatsoever, I’ve added a couple new links to the weblogroll over there. Two of them I blatantly stole from Cognitive DissonanceThe Comic Queen and Precocious Curmudgeon — and another is the oft-mentioned pal Corey, who can be found at Captain Corey. And then there’s Thrillmer, an adventure strip weblog that I was pointed to by my Great White Northern twin, Flat Earth.

And, then, suddenly, this:

Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #15 (1953)

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