The pull-quote master.

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1. Mark Evanier posted a link to an excellent, if disturbing, Mountain Dew commercial that features Mad Magazine mainstay “Spy Vs. Spy.” Bonus: a pitch for a Spy Vs. Spy movie.

2. Somehow I managed to miss Big Larry as much as calling me out for a “cover blurb” for Scurvy Dogs (under June 1st). Now, I loves me the Scurvy Dogs…that was one of the very first links I put on this weblog of mine…and it’s one of the few titles that we keep every in-print issue on the new comics wall at the store (along with Demo, Girl Genius, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and Lenore). Well, unfortunately, the best I’ve come up with is “It’s really, really good…but maybe if there were fewer pirates in it, and maybe if it wasn’t as funny, and if there were a talking dog somehow involved, it would be even better. Oh, and more car chases” — but I’m afraid he’d use it, and everyone who saw it on the cover would think I’d experienced some kind of debilitating head injury as a child.

3. For God’s sake, don’t let Nana die! Help out Jason Yungbluth by buying some of his funnybooks and T-shirts so he can put out another issue of America’s Funniest Comic Book Starring A Clown And A Talking Cat, Deep Fried!

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