Hopefully no other Batman comic will ever again address the Killing Joke Joker origin.

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New comics day!

Seaguy #2 – the genius continues! Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart bring us a comic that feels like it’s every comic you’ve ever read, squeezed into a three-issue mini-series. I love this comic.

Plastic Man #7 – Scott Morse fills in with Plastic Man helping Woozy out on a date. It’s a beautifully illustrated comic (not that the previous issues by Kyle Baker weren’t), and lots of fun as well. I’ve said it before…all the people who are skipping this series because they apparently wanted a serious Plastic Man comic are really missing out.

Captain Marvel #24 – remarkably depressing…well done, and a logical resolution to this storyline…but depressing. Here’s hoping the next, last issue of the series ends on an up note!

Justice League: Another Nail #2 – this is one crowded funnybook, but Alan Davis draws everything so well you really don’t mind.

Also (and this could be a *possible spoiler* since I’m discussing story specifics) the new issue of Batman: Gotham Knights seems to establish once and for all that some of the details of the Joker’s origin as seen in Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke are canon. However, given that the flashback sequence in this issue is as apparently related by the Joker — who, in The Killing Joke, states that he remembers his origin differently each time — the story could still be suspect. A couple interesting notes: 1) the sequence of events in the B:GK Joker origin appears to be slightly different from the one in KJ; 2) The Joker’s real first name is finally revealed in comics for the first time* (and should come as no surprise), even if it was in flashback and possibly suspect; and 3) The Joker seems remarkably sane as opposed to most of his appearances…which makes this story strangely affecting and the Joker that much more menacing.

And, as I was poking through our previews for next week’s comics…the forthcoming issue of Excalibur has crushed all belief I had in the basic goodness of the universe. You’ll see what I mean.

*…though part of his first name was revealed in Legends of the Dark Knight #50, a few years ago. This is part of my brain that could be used for useful information.

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