Adding to the pile.

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It’s Sunday, it’s a holiday weekend, and I’m tired: so you’re getting one of my lazy posts:

1. Recent acquisitions: Nancy and Sluggo #192 (Dell Comics, Oct 1963) – this is the last issue of the series…it’s in really beat condition (including glue “repair” at the staples). It’s complete, it’s readable, and it was cheap (two bucks!). Also included was a short Peanuts strip, just as slightly off-model as the Nancy stories. Fun stuff, if a little strange…Nancy and Sluggo seem so out of place in extended narratives, but it’s oddly compelling. (Read more about this comic series here.)

The Nostalgia Journal #27 (Fantagraphics, Aug (July on the cover) 1976) – this is the first issue of the adzine edited by Gary Groth, as it began its transition to The Comics Journal we all know and love today. It’s newspaper tabloid format, and most of the issue is given over to exposing the business practices of the publisher of adzine competitor The Buyer’s Guide (which would later become The Comic Buyer’s Guide). Also featured is a transcript of a ’71 radio interview with Jack Kirby, and a short article by Doug Fratz on his top ten favorite fanzines from the 1960s. And, being an adzine, there’re plenty of ads….Jungle Comics in fair to good condition for $1.50? Arrgh! Where’s my time machine?

2. Heard a customer say to her significant other yesterday: “aren’t comic books supposed to be funny?” (Me: “Just the X-Men.” — Okay, I really didn’t say that.)

3. Hey, look, Alan David Doane’s Comic Book Galaxy is back!

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