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Dan Dido says something in this Newsarama interview that I found notable:

“… in all honesty I think Green Lantern is the fourth best recognized brand in the DCU.”

Okay, granted there’s a huge drop-off after the first three (Batman, Wonder Woman, and Super-Hip…just seeing if you’re paying attention), and I guess the current Justice League cartoon has added to the visibility of the brand. However, at my store I’ve encountered several non-comics fans who continually mix up Green Lantern with Green Hornet. I don’t get it either. Oh, and Hawkman is “Birdman,” and when they look at Plastic Man, they wonder where Hula-Hula is.

It is also worth mentioning that I get a lot of kids looking at Green Lantern stuff…and wondering who the white guy is. (Don’t tell H.E.A.T.!)

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