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The snarkiest post ever posted on Progressive Ruin.

§ August 8th, 2007 § Filed under snark Comments Off on The snarkiest post ever posted on Progressive Ruin.

No, really, this may be the snarkiest thing I’ve ever had here. I’ve never been snarkier than this. You may have seen snark on other comic book weblogs, but you’ve never seen snark like the snark I’m about to give you.
I’m normally not big on snark, but I’ve got some snark building up inside me, and that snark’s gotta go somewhere.  
 No, honestly. I’m about to unleash some real snark, here. The more delicate among you may wish to avert your eyes.  
I mean it…this post will never be featured on Snark-free Corner [EDIT: link dead].
 Okay…if you’ve come this far, you must be ready for some snark. Prepare yourself for the snarkfest I’m about to unleash.

Image originally from this Wikipedia article on Power Pack‘s resident alien antagonists, the Snarks (AKA the Zr’nx).
Yes, I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself. 
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