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The Silver Surfer is stupid.

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I mean, c’mon. It’s a guy, who’s silver from head to toe, who rides a surfboard…through space, and all the while belting out Shakespearean-esque monologues. There is no possible way this idea should work…and yet, not only do most comic fans take this creation of Jack Kirby in stride, but the Silver Surfer is one of those few characters whose image has been embraced by folks in the “real” world as well…even being name-checked in films like Richard Gere’s Breathless and in a well-known scene, written by Quentin Tarantino, from Crimson Tide. There’s just something about the iconic presence of the character, an elegant figure riding his board through the stars, that appeals to people, whether they’re aware of his four-color origins or not.

There have been other silly sports/recreation inspired comic book characters, like outer-space hockey goalie Gaard, or Kirby’s embodiment of death-on-skis, the Black Racer…why we didn’t get the Hoopster, with his cosmic powered slam-dunk of destruction, or Zamboni-Prime, the mighty shape-shifting robot that travels from planet to planet, resurfacing ice at their poles, I can’t imagine.

But the Silver Surfer, as goofy an idea as he apparently is, has stuck around for forty years now, ever since Kirby snuck him into the artwork for the March 1966 issue of Fantastic Four. Not only stuck around, but has managed to maintain a measure of fondness from the character’s fans, including yours truly.

Even if he is kind of silly-looking.

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From my all-time favorite message board, Killer Movies, comes this “silver surfer vs ghostrider” discussion:

“you think silver surfer is better at surfing then ghost rider doing stunts ?
thats how ghostrider got killed and became a ghost is from killing himself doing a stunt. so yes i think ghost rider is better doing stunts then silver surfer surfing.”

“your wrong about that the penance stair can hurt surfer because he is not insane and he has hurt alot of people in the past thats what sucks about being a harald of big G you got like billions of deaths on your head and Surfer does have that he has caused pain and thus he is even more vunreable to the penance stair and for your info the stair was used on galactus himself almost killing him you think surfer would do any better?”

“Hmmmmmm , surfer does have a board , which indicates that he could possibly surf/snowboard…but GR has a motorcycle made from hellfire…..which is badass…….damn this is a difficult choice “

Here’s the Marvel Legends Silver Surfer action figure, which is packaged with Howard the Duck, for some reason. Yes, I have one…I got it for the duck. A more extensive review may be found here.

On a related note, here are a bunch of bootleg Surfer toys. Enjoy “The Star Surfer.”

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Silver Surfer: The Lost Adventure – a cancelled project by Jean-Marc Lofficier and J.O. Ladronn.

Some British company tried to register the name “Silver Surfer” for clothing and toys lines, to which Marvel had a minor objection. Here’s a very brief summary of the ruling in Marvel’s favor, but you really should download the PDF file to see the huge list of products that Marvel had licensed the Surfer for. (Ear muffs?)

Links to three CGI Surfer images.

The Silver Surfer limited edition Heroclix figure.

An article about a Silver Surfer story that appeared only in France.

Another “versus” disussion, this time involving Superman versus the Surfer. “Surfer’s far more powerful, Supes is a better fighter. The one thing you don’t want to do though is piss off the Silver Surfer. If Supes angers the surfer at all, he’s toast.” There’s seven pages of stuff like that. Fantastic.

Silver Surfer Funny Club. Well, that’s what it says.

I’ll let wrap it all up.