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Then again, that one button does give you a nice shot of Ghost Rider’s bottom…ladies.

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So I have to admit, a not-insignificant portion of my reasoning for buying these from a collection brought into the store on Thursday was so that I could scan ’em and put the pic up on my site, like so:

Okay, to be completely honest I wouldn’t have bought them if I didn’t think I could sell them. And while this still-sealed “collector’s” button set from 1990, complete with serial numbering (#0823 out of, like, a million, probably) has all the appearances of something that would do well on the eBay, the truth of the matter is that sets like these generally sell for around zero dollars there. However, I do have enough people passing through the shop who still are stoking the smouldering embers of interest in our favorite demonic motorcyclist, despite the best efforts of Nicolas Cage, that I’m reasonably certain I might be able to sell this in-store for, oh, a couple of bucks, maybe.

The set might have benefited from the buttons featuring more icon-y poses like this:

…as opposed to using three of the buttons to show Ghost Rider just fightin’ dudes:

…as that level of detail may not be “read” easily or appreciated properly when the button is used as intended (on a Levi’s jacket, backpack, or, perhaps, a baseball cap), where generally only a fleeting glimpse of said image is likely. Or rather, as buttons usually are used as intended, rather than as the “collector’s” item this, and other similar comic book button sets released by Marvel and DC in the ’90s, were supposed to be used…bought and packed away into your long boxes, where they sat and waited for that far-off day, a decade or so into the 21st century, when you would pull them out and take them over to the local funnybook store where the guy behind the counter may take pity and give you a buck for them because he might want to talk about them on his website.

Is there anything more topical than a handful of X-Men pins from the 1990s?

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Came across a few of these while going through some boxes at the store:

“Do you have a small metal pin with a close-up of Cyclops’ grimacing, visorless face in a snowstorm?” “Why, as a matter o’fact….”

BEHOLD: cloisonné stubble:

That may have been too much detail, but on the other hand…granted, this next pin’s actual size is only about an inch tall, so there’s only so much detail they can put in. Still, Cable’s near-featureless face and its soul-sucking gaping maw are just plain creepy:

“Limited to 2,500” says the back of this next pin:

I’m pretty sure they did pins for the other covers, too, but I sure hope they did an extra-wide pin for the fold-out version.