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Someday someone will use “Mike Sterling” for a superhero alias and I will totally sign those comics.

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An oddball item…a copy of Curse of the Spawn #10, signed by some members of the creative team:

…as well as Al Simmons, “Spawn” his own self:

Yes, there was an actual person named Al Simmons, sharing a name with Spawn’s alter ego, who’d worked for Spawn’s creator Todd McFarlane. As I recall, he’d make convention appearances (sometimes even in costume) and would sign comics, as pictured there.

That lasted for a while, until McFarlane sued in 2012 over an autobiography Simmons wrote called “The Art of Being Spawn.” The case was eventually settled out of court, but I’m presuming that’s put the kibosh on future “Real Al Simmons” signatures. (I mean, I’m not sure, my “Al Simmons” Googling didn’t pay off for me.)

And before you ask…no, that comic’s already sold. Sorry about that…just had the scan sittin’ around on my computer for a while and thought I’d better do something with it before I accidentally trashed it or something!