Your 2023 Predictions, Part Six: Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire.

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Just rambling along, continuing with your 2023 comic industry predictions and seeing how you — and I!?!? — did! Don’t forget to put in your 2024 predictions, too!

And here are the previous five parts: 1 2 3 4 5.)

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Patrick Gaffney hits me with the following hooks

“Marvel will hire Henry Cavill, Gal Godot, and Michael Keaton to play Hyperion, Power Princess, and Nighthawk in one of their Multiverse movies.”

While the Squadron Supreme remains unconverted to filmic form, your idea would be the biggest nose-thumbing to DC by Marvel in either companies’ histories.

“DC will start a collected edition line to compete with Marvel’s EPIC and MASTERWORKS. Oh, wait, you wanted predictions that will come true. In that case DC will continue to ignore their rich history of publishing except for a omnibus every 3-6 months, and they will cancel 1/2 of those.”

I sense a little irritation at DC here! I think the focus was in reprinting newer material versus vintage (’30s – ’60s) work, though I did track down on a Silver Age Green Lantern omnibus that came out late last year, far as I can tell. DC’s announcement of their compact paperback reprints have focused on newer stuff (as in Watchmen are forward) but maybe if they do well we can get more old material. Like, one of these days I’d like to have a nice color collection of all the Metal Men comics. I mean C’MON

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Hal Shipman sends along

“1) DC will NOT publish the missing Levitz LSH stories for another year.”

I think the last of the Legion of Super-Heroes reprint books (continuing on from the DC Archives editions) was late 2021. I haven’t given up hope yet on more volumes, since there was quite a gap between those Archives and the reprint books that followed. Given DC’s reticence toward reprinting lots of old material (outside their big ol’ “80th Anniversary” or whatever books) it may be a while, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get one eventually.

“2) DC will let the LSH series languish in its limbo/not cancelled state while Bendis finishes the cartoon and then forget about the property entirely again.”

The team’s been on hold all year (save for a brief appearance in Green Arrow, of all places) so I don’t know if we’ll get The Return of Bendis (unlikely) or just an extended absence awaiting another retooling and relaunch.

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Here are some predictions from someone named…Mike Sterling? Huh, sounds like a handsome and intelligent guy

“1. Penguin Random House will end free shipping on comic orders to retailers.”

Hasn’t happened…yet. Sooner or later they gotta realize shipping out one comic at a time can’t be viable.

“2. A new live action adaptation of Swamp Thing (either TV or movie) will be announced.”

Late in January 2023, a new Swamp Thing movie was announced as part of the James Gunn and that other guy’s new media plans for DC Comics. Given how superhero movies have been doing lately, I’m not holding my breath that this new initiative will last long enough to get to that film.

“3. There will be another revamping, if not outright relaunching, of the X-Men line.”

Well, looks like this would’ve made a good prediction for 2024 instead.

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William Gatevackes opens up with

“1. There will be a comic book adaptation of ‘Misfits of Science.’ Alex Ross will do the covers.”

I feel like there’d be an audience for that. To be completely honest, I was entirely surprised no revival of Misfits of Science showed up at all in any medium.

“2. James Gunn’s new job as DC film guru will last well less than his 10 year plan. His first film under his watch, be it good or bad, will be slammed for no good reason, giving Warners execs cold feet.”

Was it ten years? Hoo boy. When that Superman movie doesn’t make back its budget, that plan is going to be tossed in favor of something else that won’t work.

Maybe I’m being cynical.

“3. There will be a DC and Marvel crossover of some sort, either official or unofficial.”

I don’t think either company is quite at the level of desperation to want to start doing these again, as they were back in the crossover heyday of the 1990s.

Unofficially…I’m sure someone somewhere in one of the books pulled something like the Impossible Man and Mr. Mxyzptlk being the same entity, or Superman appearing in What If #1, or like that. I can’t recall seeing any, but if someone spotted one in the last year, maybe they can let me know!

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Brian F does my bidding by predicting

“1) Man-Thing gets more comics.”

Not his own series, but he popped up in the new Incredible Hulk comics, at least. Also, he got a swanky lunchbox!

“2) Deadman gets more comics.”

Again, didn’t get his own solo series, but was featured in DC’s event series in 2023, Knight Terrors!

“3) Machine Man gets more comics.”

Can’t seem to find any info on Machine Man appearances in recent months. He didn’t have his own title, but I’m sure he guest-starred in something. Again, if you’ve got details, let me know!

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joecab pulls up to the curb with

“1) WB will make at least one ‘WTF?? Why them’ DC movie announcement. My money is on ‘Mazing Man!”

While ‘Mazing Man would be, well…’mazing, I think maybe the wildest announcement would be The Authority. Again, I don’t actually expect it to happen, but if it does, I don’t imagine much of its tone will translate into film. Expect punching but with more swearing. Unless they decide to really play up the “gay Superman/Batman analogue couple” which would be interesting but I keep picturing it as becoming borderline exploitative. But again, perhaps I am not in the mindset to be discussing superhero movies right now.

“2) In an effort to save money, Marvel Studios will introduce longtime character Elf With a Gun to appear in every Phase 5 MCEU movie to thin out the cast (and therefore those salaries).”

Marvel’s really missing a bet here. What, are they afraid of making a film that won’t make money?

“3) Announcement of a Tales of the Beanworld animated special … because I demanded it!”

I think Tales of the Beanworld would translate very nicely into a cartoon. I can picture it as being quite charming, and just weird enough to grab attention and get people hooked with its ongoing storyline. C’mon somebody, get on it!

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Okay, probably only one more post of actual predictions to go, then the follow-up, so it’ll all be done this week! Thanks for reading, everyone, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!

7 Responses to “Your 2023 Predictions, Part Six: Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire.”

  • Sean Mageean says:

    Some eclectic predictions this go-round!

    I think it would be cooler if Cavill, Godot, and Keaton were cast as the Squadron Sinister…

    I never really explored Tales of the Beanworld, but somehow I picture an animated film adaptation of it being stylistically similar to that ’70s animated film “The Point” that Nielson did the music for.

    I think that instead of The Authority DC should make a live action Planetary film. Or how about a streaming series based on James Robinson’s Jack Knight Starman run?

    A new Man-Thing film would be great, featuring Howard the Duck as well …and why not a cameo by Elf With a Gun?

    It looks like DC is trying to lay claim to Machine Man:

  • JohnJ says:

    Mike, I’m not sure if you follow the Marvel stuff on Disney+ but I have to ask if you saw the Werewolf by Night Special. It’s almost a spoiler to mention the Man-Thing appearance since they seem to want it to be a surprise. I enjoyed it in the original black and white but the color version was also great. I’m patiently waiting for them to give the big guy his own show.

  • Joe Gualtieri says:

    “Can’t seem to find any info on Machine Man appearances in recent months. He didn’t have his own title, but I’m sure he guest-starred in something. Again, if you’ve got details, let me know!”

    We might not be seeing Machine Man for awhile, if ever again:

  • Chris Wuchte says:

    I wish DC would partner with Taschen like Marvel has to reprint their older stuff. My bank account would suffer, but those editions have been some of the best presentations of classic material I’ve seen.

  • Snark Shark says:

    “metal men”

    There’s certainly a somewhat small but LOYAL market for that, and HCs of the original DOOM PATROL, I think!


    OK, THAT looks COOL!

    “‘Misfits of Science.’”

    Mmmm, Courtney Cox!

  • Sean Mageean says:

    @Snark Shark

    Heck, DC should just release facsimile editions of all of the Silver Age Doom Patrol comics and the issues of My Greatest Adventure that they were in as well!

    @ Chris Wuchte

    If DC did partner with Taschen I’d love to see them release editions of Jack Cole’s Plasticman, Lou Fine’s Black Condor, and The Ray (originally published by Quality Comics), and all of the pre-Robin Batman stories from Detective Comics.

  • joecab says:

    Gee I always forget I make predictions here every eyar or two. Not bad! But I really would love to see more Beanworld out there. It was the perfect “appreciate at any age” book and was so weird and imaginative. Come back, Larry Marder!