Yes, I know this isn’t every Nancy book.

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So Ray asked

“Do you have a link or anything to the full strip that includes the nightmare fuel panel?”

Well, I immediately went to my shelf and pulled down my copy of the strip reprint book Nancy’s Dreams and Schemes, published by Kitchen Sink Press back in 1990. I mean, the strip would obviously fall under that particular theme, right? But I didn’t see it at first glace, and I realized “oh wait, I sourced the scan on that Sluggo Saturday entry,” where I reminded myself it was from 1988’s The Best of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy. (That book was gifted to me by pal Andres, which is why he’s thanked in that post…but I haven’t seen Andres in years. Where are you, Andres?)

Anywhere, here’s the strip with the panel in context (note I couldn’t get a clean scan of the last panel, as that was too close to the gutter there, and look, I like you Ryan, but I’m not breaking this book’s spine for you):

Oh, Bushmiller, you scamp!

But looking through Nancy’s Dreams and Schemes and Best of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy put me in mind of two things.

First, the Bushmiller (and Company) original strip I own is in Dreams and Schemes, which I’d forgotten!

Second, all those nice Fantagraphics strip collections are out of print, and appear to be staying that way.

And, unsurprisingly, they’re going for a premium on eBay. Which is a shame, I was hoping for more volumes past the third one, but ah well.

Still available, however, is How to Read Nancy by Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden, which features Bushmiller’s artwork:

And while not by Bushmiller, the first three volumes of John Stanley’s Nancy are still available:

The collections of the recent Olivia James Nancy strips don’t appear to still be available from Diamond, but I suspect you can still get them from real book distributors.

And this Nancy Big Little Book from the 1940s?

Definitely out of print. Don’t even bother.

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