Destined to have been put in a Snyder film.

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So I’m always processing back issues at the shop…I have enough old comics just sitting in the boxes in the back room that I can probably spend the remaining few years of my life just bagging and tagging funnybooks for sale. Usually it’s a pretty quick process and I don’t get held up on any single item, puzzling over what I’m going to price it. But once in a great while, I hit bit of a roadblock that’s got me wondering.

In this case, it’s a copy of Superman und Batman (or just Superman according to the indicia inside), a German comic published in 1968:

This issue features a fairly important story in comics history, the introduction of the modern version of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). The original English edition was released with a cover date of January 1967 (so likely very late in 1966):

Most striking of course is the color change, from the dark background on the U.S. version, versus the bright white background on the German edition.

Pages inside are good ‘n’ bright. with all the text machine-relettered verus hand printing:

And here’s the back cover because what the heck, I scanned it so here you go:

The original sells for several thousand dollars in good shape. But what of the German reissue? I’ve sold lots of non-English translations of older American superhero comics over the years, and in general they’re priced relatively low to move as more novelties than anything else.

Now, comics in Spanish do well since I live in an era with many speakers of it. But the few German comics I’ve had sit around a bit, but this one may be the exception.

Now, the original Detective #359 can sell thousands of dollars, depending on condition of course. But a reprint of a (cough) “key” story released overseas? This is taking some research as to what the potential price would be, but it’s going to take a while. In the meantime, thought I’d show it to you, because it’s pretty neat!

Also, the title should more accurately be Superman und Batman und Flash, because between the stories featuring Supes and Bats was this Flash story:

“Hey Zack, what’s up.”

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  • adam says:

    I actually accidentally bought a german edition of the first superman va spiderman comic a couple years ago. that would explain the ‘bargain’ I got. But you know, the comic reads pretty well to me despite my lack of german. The lettering is hand-done iirc.

  • philfromgermany says:

    These were about eleven years before my time but I often saw some of these floating around as a youngster.
    Regarding the backcover: The german Superman monthly often featured a gimmick as an added incentive to purchase the book.
    These included Robin or Green Arrow “masks”, Stickers or in the case of the Batgirl debut issue’s “next issue” a very special part of a poster.
    These were supposed to be joined with adhesive tape on the back. This way you could hang a really big poster on the wall of your room that could still fit in the very floppy comicbook.
    This particular one is listed on ebay for 8K euros (a minor misprint even) by some crazy madman. It says “I am a friend of Supergirl and Superman!”
    Later on DC Comics moved to much better formats (except for the pocket books) and offered “Sammlerecken”, literally collectors corners like the Marvel Value stamps, which you could cut out and mail in for some real cool swag!
    Lifesize (almost) posters of the Big5, big posters of the Fortress of Solitude or Batcave, Stickers etc.

  • JohnO says:

    Hi Mike,
    Question regarding overseas reprints…what if it is a reprint of a key issue from the UK/Australia? Are those also “cheaper?” Obviously, they go for less than the original but how much more are they able to sell for since they are in English? Thanks and keep up the great work.


  • Thelonious_Nick says:

    Just charge twice the cover price, Mike–13 Austrian shillings!

    I’m surprised to see Yugoslavia included on the list of countries on the price list, as in 1968 Yugoslavia was behind the Iron Curtain. But I believe in 1968 there was a bit of a temporary opening up to the west in the communist countries–this was the period of the Prague Spring–so maybe western media (apparently including comics) were getting through at that time?

  • adrian hunter says:

    I am intensely interested in this as i’ve been learning german for about 8 months. And by interested, I mean i really want it. Let me know when you can figure out a price!

  • Jim Kosmicki says:

    I’m not in comics retailing anymore, but this really strikes me as a put it up on eBay and let the market price it situation, depending on what you have invested in it already.

  • Patrick Gaffney says:

    I was excited to find a copy of the Supreme TPB from Alan Moore at a used bookstore on vacation for 8 bucks. It was not until i opened it up when I got home that I discovered the book was in Italian, hence the cheap price.

  • will richards says:

    Replying to JohnO, generally uk reprints go for the equivalent of just a few dollars. However there are a few exceptions – the first half of Incredible Hulk 181 (1st full Wolvie, natch) is reprinted in Mighty World of Marvel 198 and sells for over $150-200, pretty much regardless of condition. Also, 129 commands a premium, selling for north of $30.This may be down to both having the original un-retouched covers (by Trimpe and Steranko respectively) that didn’t appear on their US counterparts. Also the UK version of Batman Adventures 12 (1st Harley Quinn) can fetch 200 bucks.

  • will richards says:

    Sorry, I should’ve added that that’s what they sell for in the UK. Also, BA 12 also has a white background- what is it with Batgirl and white backgrounds??

  • Thom H. says:

    Well, don’t leave us hanging. Is she heroine or villainess?

  • Snark Shark says:

    “Most striking of course is the color change, from the dark background on the U.S. version, versus the bright white background on the German edition.”

    They also forgot to color Batmans Bat-logo!

    Neat, but I do like the original better.