Joe Matt (1963-2023).

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Indie cartoonist Joe Matt has passed away, and boy, I was sure into his comics when he was (semi-)regularly putting stuff out into shops. His series Peep Show (as well as the accompanying strip collection of the same name) really took the burgeoning autobiographical comic book genre of the period to its extreme, leaving no personal foible or blemish unrevealed. It could have been unbearable in other hands, but Matt’s appealing illustration and humor kept you reading no matter how low he depicted himself going.

I’m sorry that he passed away as young as he did. My condolences to his family and friends. So long, Joe.

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  • Sean Mageean says:

    Sad news…R.I.P. Joe Matt.

    Maybe that could be a topic for an upcoming posting…the independent “Bukowskis of comics” Gen X creators from the ’80s and ’90s who made highly personal comics about their life experiences…Joe Matt, Joe Socco, Chester Brown, Julie Doucet, etc.

  • Ben Diehl says:

    Very sad news. I have fond memories of reading Joe’s comics. In 1998, he, Adrian Tomine, Julie Doucet, Seth and Chester Brown all did a signing a few blocks from where I lived at the time. Joe signed my Peepshow trade paperback and then drew a sketch on the bookmark that came with it, which he captioned “I hate this lousy book marker. Please burn it!” I told him that of course I couldn’t do that now. I have sold/purged much of my collection, but I still have that and I am glad I do.

  • Cassandra Miller says:

    It was a real shock. Peepshow was one of the more underrated books of the early 90s. Painful at times, but funny and honest.

  • Tom W says:

    That’s awful, I never gave up hope of new books from him and bought that D&Q anniversary collection mainly for his unpublished pages. RIP Joe Matt, you did something nobody else dared to do.

  • Snark Shark says:


    AND Geechy Guy (comedian) AND Lisa Lyon (bodybuilder, model for Elektra), too! Jesus!