Also, the cover of the book feels strange.

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So the other oversized omnibus-type book I picked up this year is one containing stories that I already have in multiple formats, but had to have ’em in this one! It’s Absolute Swamp Thing, reprinting the first thirteen issues of the original 1970s series, which comprises all of cocreator Len Wein’s scripts. Other cocreator Bernie Wrightson draws the first ten, with Nestor Redondo on the other three.

I had a hard time finding good pics of what the actual item looks like from the distributor sites, so here I am with my nigh-expert photography skills.

The slipcase edition reuses the wraparound cover from the Roots of the Swamp Thing reprint mini-series:

Here’s the back, with a close-up of the hype sticker there:

The cover of the book itself is quite impressive…just look at this front cover:

And here’s the back, with a close-up:

The inner covers/endpapers are quite nice as well…here they are, with guest-appearances of my fingers:

And to the stories themselves, there was color restoration (by Jose Villabrubia), which I haven’t compared to the other reprints of this work yet, but boy it looks great:

I’ve said about similar reprints of older books that it always looks weird when comics I’ve seen for years on yellowing paper are reproduced on shiny white slick pages. But the colors are produced appropriately, not bright and garish. It still looks a little weird to my eyes, but it’s all still great.

I forgot to mention that the book does include the first Swamp Thing story from House of Secrets #92 is included, so this is, like, the 20th reprint of that story I have? Something like that.

There’s a lot more in this volume, like photos of Wein/Wrightson, their widows providing new introductions, lots of reproductions of original art, that sort of thing. Also featured is some original art from that aborted Wein/Wrightson Swamp Thing reunion comic.

Like I said, I have all these comics, in multiple formats, but it is nice to have it all in a larger format that’s easier on my ol’ eyes.

7 Responses to “Also, the cover of the book feels strange.”

  • Bat Masterson says:

    Get thee behind me, Satan.

  • Jon H says:

    Swamp Thing has teeth?

  • John Lancaster says:

    The three Alan Moore Swamp Thing Absolute’s had that weird feeling cover as well. Although hard to describe, I did find it soothing in a way. The remaining issues of this run are not as “in demand” but it would be nice if they collected #14-24 in a companion Absolute. Just to be complete. Maybe throw in reproductions of any of the Hawkman story that was supposed to be in #25 (assuming any exist).

  • Wes Wescovich says:

    You should check out Jose’s Facebook page. He’s been showing comparison photos of original comics, various re-prints and his new coloring for weeks.

  • Patrick Joseph says:

    OK, fine. I ordered it. Not quite the completist you are, I think this is only the eighth version of the run I have. Original, DC Special, Baxter , that weird manga-digest thing, the Classics Library HC, Omnibus, and digital singles. I have no doubt there is at least 1 more I am forgetting.

  • Aaron says:

    That inside back cover image should end every Swamp Thing trade.

    “DAMN! The Swamp Thing’s gone!”

  • Snark Shark says:

    Well, THAT looks awesome!

    Jon H: “Swamp Thing has teeth?”

    How else is he gonna eat carrots?

    John Lancaster: ”but it would be nice if they collected #14-24 in a companion Absolute. Just to be complete. Maybe throw in reproductions of any of the Hawkman story that was supposed to be in #25″

    Yes, this and the Challengers of the Unknows issues that WERE published that Swampy appeared in.

    And MAYBE the pre-Moore volume 2 series issues, it was actually pretty good!