Sluggo Saturday #137.

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from Nancy and Sluggo: The Big Surprise (1974)

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  • Mike: we can try this for more comments. Sluggo in the multiverse. Earth-75, the Native American still are important and Sluggo was allowed honory this guy for saving the Sioux tribe by fighting the group hepped on peyote and asparagus from neighboring Earth-74.

    Sean and everyone else, join in!

  • Sean Mageean says:


    I don’t know if Keith Giffen (or somebody) ever drew Nancy and/or Sluggo in a LOSH panel –but I think Garfield was snuck in once.

    I always kinda thought that the Love & Rockets’ Beto character Fritz was Earth-Hernandez’s take on Nancy’s hot aunt Fritzi Ritz…

    But this cartoon talk this also raises the question for me of did DC/Grant Morrison ever designate an “Earth-Hanna-Barbera” where Space Ghost, The Herculoids, The Mighty Mightor, Birdman & the Galaxy Trio, Shazzan, The Impossibles, Jonny Quest, Scooby-Doo and all those other superhero and adventure H-B cartoon characters live? I know DC did some fun H-B characters comics a few years back, just don’t know what Earth they take place on.

    DC needs to get on that Nancy & Sluggo/Super-Chief I (Flying Stag) VS. Per Degaton time travel mini-series right away! It could guest star Little Lulu and Tubby. Sluggo and Tubby are taught a good lesson that “Sluggural and Tubbural Appropriation” is wrong–but if they actually join the tribe as honorary members and are accepted by Super-Chief, then they have permission. Of course, Nancy and Little Lulu find the way to defeat Per Degaton (who had schemed to get control of Super-Chief’s tribal land for the uranium he wanted) help Super-Chief restore tribal sovereignty and save the day! Nancy & Little Lulu Power! I nominate Roy Thomas, Trina Robbins(drawing Nancy, Sluggo, Little Lulu and Tubby), and Jerry Ordway (drawing Super-Chief and Per Degaton) for the task.