Pretty sure all Canadians speak just like Bob and Doug McKenzie.

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As I’m processing back issues during the course of my day, I’ll occasionally snap pics of panels or covers or whathaveyou that amuse me for posting to social media.

Anyway, I was playing around with a stack of sealed black-bagged Superman #75s (of which I now have (cough) plenty), when the above caught my eye for some reason. I just pictured someone at DC telling the printer in Canada “okay, we need like 300,000 copies of Superman’s obituary and we need ’em good and fast” and the printer was all “whatever, hoser” before churning out tens of thousands of obituaries for a fictional character who ended up not being dead that long anyway.

It’s also hard to imagine the reaction of whoever it was making those armbands. “Wait, you want what?”

Most hard to imagine of all was the fact that you got all this stuff for only $2.50 American. So, those of you who dared to break the seal on this thing, did you wear the armband? Did you stick the stamps on anything? Did you hang that poster of Superman’s funeral procession on your wall, like a weirdo?

And did you notice that the poster packed with the comic featured the Batman characters, while the separately-sold poster did not (aside from Nightwing), due to some licensing hoohar that also affected DC’s trading card program?

Anyway, it was time for my legally-required Death of Superman post. Sorry, it’s the law, my hands are tied.

6 Responses to “Pretty sure all Canadians speak just like Bob and Doug McKenzie.”

  • Daniel T says:

    Changeling as pallbearer was…a choice.

  • Billy says:

    I *think* I remember putting the armband on my East German border guard trenchcoat that I was wearing around that time. Yes, I cringe now at how ridiculous I must have looked.

  • Thom H. says:

    Yeah, if you can’t use Robin but you can use Nightwing, then Nightwing should be a pallbearer.

    Also, why isn’t Wonder Woman up front? I mean besides, “ew, she’s a girl…”

  • Joseph P Gualtieri says:

    I did not wear it, but I would have in 2006 when Earth 2 Superman died, except I was about 1200 miles away from it at the time. Thanks for that one, Geoff Johns!

  • ExistentialMan says:

    So wait. The comic was printed in Canada but the armband and stamps/card were printed in the U.S.? How and where the heck was this thing assembled and bagged?

  • Mikester says:

    ExistentialMan – it says “Packaged in Canada” there, so at some point all the stamps, cards and armbands were shipped up there for assembly! I presume by machine, but I’m picturing a line of workers, each one with a stack of one of the inserts, stuffing their item into the bag as it travels down the conveyor belt. And yes, that also brings to mind that I Love Lucy.