And now…me.

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Just a little ol’ link round-up today:

  • I asked my pals over at Pittsburgh Comics about how they keep tabs on “hot book” weekly surprises, and lo they answered.

  • After a several year break, I started doing the @yourtvlistings account at Twitter again. Fictional listings for TV shows through a horror lens…or a critical one, or a just plain weird one. Should update most weekdays, ’til I stop doing it again.

  • Hey, remember @FakeAPStylebook, for which I was one of the contributors? (Here’s my favorite of the ones I wrote.) Remember that we wrote an actual book, published by an actual publisher and everything? Well, it turns out that Marvel’s new distributor, Penguin Random House, is also the distrtibutor of FakeAPStylebook’s official release Write More Good. As such, once I recalled this important bit of information, ordered a bunch of copies for my shop!

    I’ve almost run through my first order, but I plan on getting more, if only to make the folks working the PRH warehouse wonder why someone’s started asking for those books way back there on the dusty shelves.

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