The terror that autographs in the night.

§ January 5th, 2022 § Filed under employee aaron, pal plugging § 3 Comments

So former employee Aaron posted this on his Twitters the other day…some signed/remarked copies of the Boom! Studios Darkwing Duck from a decade or so ago.

Scribbled in the darker cape area was a message from the writer, pal Ian Brill:

“Aaron – tell Mike to go easy on you!” it says. I’m sure everyone will be unsurprised to learn that I did not in fact go easy on former employee Aaron. In fact, if Aaron is reading this now…GET BACK TO WORK.

3 Responses to “The terror that autographs in the night.”

  • Mr Garfield Presents says:

    Surely this would sell for more than a mere “autographed copy”. Although, like the participants in Antiques Roadshow the owner will never sell, preferring to keep it always in the family as a heirloom.

  • Randal says:

    It’s a calculated risk. The niche market of people named Aaron employed by taskmasters named Mike isn’t huge, but it’s lucrative.

  • CalvinPitt says:

    I initially read this post at work and Mike’s command Aaron stop loafing made me immediately start working again.

    For about 45 minutes, but still, such is the power of Mike Sterling’s disapproval, it motivates even the unmotivatible. Like the Hulk moving the Blob.