Titillating the Tumbleweedsmania since 1968.

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So my internet pal Adam was going through some of his stuff the other day when he came across a particular set of vintage items. Seeing this, he thought “why, there’s only ONE MAN in the world surely brave enough to have these in his own collection,” and that’s how I ended up with the Tumbleweeds fan club kit from 1968.

Sent away for by his father when he himself was only 16, he received in the mail (and given to me in the original envelope!) the following items:

The membership card, natch:

An official fan club certificate, suitable for framing and hanging up there next to your college diplomas and pictures of your family (click on image to eenlarge):

I like how cartoonist Tom K. Ryan is titled “Official Historian.”

And a newsletter (also clickable for resizing), welcoming you to the club, hawking some wares…

…and just generally making you feel inadequate when you find out the fella in charge here was only 17 years old:

All in all, a pretty neat find, and in shockingly good shape! Somehow Adam’s dad resisted scribbling his moniker into the spaces provided on these pieces of paper, and just left them folded in their delivery envelope, awaiting the day when some weirdo would scan ’em and put them on his site.

2 Responses to “Titillating the Tumbleweedsmania since 1968.”

  • Thelonious_Nick says:

    Not trying to be cruel…but I’m wondering just how many people really could have been in the Tumbleweeds fan club? Was there actually a demand for this, or did King Features (or whoever the syndicate was) just automatically create fan clubs for its strips or something?

    To be honest, I kind of doubt that anybody besides Bruce Dennis and Adam’s dad ever joined.

  • Adam Farrar says:

    I’m so glad the membership materials have found a good home!
    Oddly, I don’t recall my dad ever talking about Tumbleweeds. Peanuts was his favorite comic strip. And we had some collections of Pogo and Sad Sack. But no resulting fan club memberships.