Yes, it’s my eye again.

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Hi pals! My usual variant cover-age post for Monday is postponed due to more eyeball issues. As these things go, it only seems to be a minor bleeding problem in my left eye, the one with the stronger vision. Unfortunately, it happened just a couple of days before my next appointment where the preventative treatment would have stopped that from happening, but What Can You Do™?

Now, like I said, it’s only very minor…in fact, even as I type this, it’s barely noticeable, with only a minor haze in my vision, but it’s enough to keep me from reading fine print. However, sitting in front of my computer doing a long-form post that requires Research and lots of Looking at Stuff is probably not a good idea at the moment. I should recover quickly and I’ll be up and running again later in the week, with a new variant cover post for next Monday. In fact, a comment left on the last post gave me an idea for next time!

My doctor says that, after all the laser treatments and surgeries I’ve had, and with the continuing injections, the recurrence of bleeding in both my eyes should “burn itself out,” to quote him, but it might take two or three more years. Hopefully in the future we’ll have more luck getting ahead of these incidents rather than chasing after them. (By the way, I never closed my GoFundMe to help me deal with the costs of these treatments, so if you have a spare buck or three to throw my way, I certainly won’t say no! Or, if you want to give me a buck a month at my Patreon, you can do that instead. Or too! Or you can even buy comics from me at my store, I guess that’s also an option.)

Thanks for reading, pals, and I’ll be back Wednesday.

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