Just a quick notice…

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…that although the entire cast is perfect in their respective roles and deserve all the accolades they get for their performances, it’s Brendan Fraser’s voicing of Cliff “Robotman” Steele that most sticks the landing for me. That hilarious “I can’t believe this shit!” tone in his voice is amazing, as well as the handling of the more serious moments, is the ideal match for the character. That’s what I’m going to hear whenever I read Robotman in a comic book from this point forward. (And one should note the person actually in the robot suit get-up, Riley Shanahan.)

When the series was first announced for the DC Universe streaming service, I admit I had some skepticism as to how they would handle the character. I thought for sure they’d come up with some in-story reason to not actually show Robotman as Robotman as a cost-cutting measure, like having the Chief give him some kind of hologram disguise so that Cliff could just look like a normal human most of the time. Save those Robotman moments for a couple minutes at the end of each episode, that sort of thing. But kudos to the makers ofthe show…they promised us Robotman, and by God they gave us Robotman. (There have been a couple of instances where Fraser appears as the human Cliff, both in flashbacks and in certain present-day events, but it never feels like it’s for budgetary reasons. In fact, I’d imagine it probably costs more to have Mr. Fraser on set.)

Anyway, Doom Patrol is an excellent show, and I’m glad it’s getting further exposure by being simul-streamed on HBO Max (though I’m sure that’s just one of the many signs that the DC Universe service is probably not long for this world, at least in its current form).

3 Responses to “Just a quick notice…”

  • Drew MacDonald says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I love that the show’s audience-surrogate for the normal human POV is, you know, a robot man.

  • Hal Shipman says:

    Agreed. I love this show and, especially, Cliff so much. The melding an mashing together of the deep cuts is nothing short of brilliant.

  • Snark Shark says:

    “Anyway, Deanna definitely called Riker “Bill.””


    Drew MacDonald: “I love that the show’s audience-surrogate for the normal human POV is, you know, a robot man.”

    Just like with Hellboy – he’s a normal, working class guy, he just happens to be half-Demon!