“It’s Superman’s Fist o’clock.”

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So the other day I had a gentlemen bring in this item to see if I’d like to sell it on consignment. I was kinda busy at that moment but I said I’d do some research and see what they were selling for online.

As it turns out, they weren’t selling at high enough prices for his liking (around $60 to $80) so he passed, but I still have these photos I took for reference:

This is one of the Super Heroes watches you used to see advertised all the time in 1970s comic books. This particular example, a Superman watch, is dated 1977.

Here’s a better look at the watch face:

This is actually the first one of these I’d ever seen in person…well, okay, maybe I saw someone wearing one at some point and didn’t realize it, but this is definitely the first time I’d seen one in the original packaging. Kind of a strange feeling to see the actual physical object that I’d seen advertised countless times in all the comics I’ve read. Nice to know there’s still weird stuff I’ve not seen yet even after 31 years in the business.

2 Responses to ““It’s Superman’s Fist o’clock.””

  • Daniel S. Taylor says:

    Well, *old* weird stuff, as opposed to the *new* weird and unlikely stuff from the End of Civilization.

  • Wes Wescovich says:

    These were indeed advertised a lot. I wonder if maybe they had a co-op for the advertising as part of the licensing fee?
    Remember how they offered all of the hero watches in all sizes, but the Joker watch was only available in adult sizes? I guess they selling a timepiece with a villain on it qualified as contributing to the delinquency of a minor…