I almost typed his name as “Fast Eddie,” for all you classic video gamers out there.

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So the other day, on one of the free streaming TV apps, I ended up watching this Hagar the Horrible cartoon, based on the long-running comic strip. I hadn’t seen this before…in fact, I had no idea this animaated version of the strip even existed. Apparently it was a one-shot special which aired on TV in 1989, which feels awfully late for this, to be honest. But, it’s got a few good jokes in there (particularly regarding Lucky Eddie’s ejection from Viking School) and the voice work is nice (for you fans of the robots that transform, Hagar is portrayed by the fella what does Optiums Prime).

And, to tie it all back to the post at the beginning of the week, it reminded me that amongst the comic strip reprint books I had as a young Mikester, there was at least one Hagar book that I remember really enjoying. It really was a fun, amiable strip.

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  • Turan, Emissary of the Fly World says:

    There was also this earlier pilot, apparently of Serbian (!) origin:

    I note that I came upon it in this playlist, which also includes such things as a Chuck Jones produced version of “The Wizard of Id”; a 1950s adaptation of “The Heart of Juliet Jones”; “Poor Devil,” a comedy with Christopher Lee as Satan; a strange update of “Wacky Races”; a bit of “Nero Wolfe” with William Shatner as Archie Goodwin (no, not the comics writer); a seriously misguided attempt to turn “Catch-22” into a sitcom, with a young Richard Dreyfuss as Yossarian; and an animated adventure of the Mexican wrestler Santo:

  • Roel Torres says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Mike! I was pleasantly surprised — that was perfectly serviceable entertainment, and it definitely exceeded my expectations!