Merry 10th Anniversary of the release of Frank Miller’s The Spirit!

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Progressive Ruin hopes you have the Spirit of Christmas in your hearts, and I, along with…

…The Spirit:

..and the Octopus:

…and Dr. Ellen Dolan:

…and Arthur the Cat:

…and Sand Saref:

…and Lorelei:

…and Commissioner Dolan:

…and Silken Floss:

…and these guys:

…and Plaster of Paris:

…and ol’ Frank his own self:

…and, of course, this little fella:

…wish you the best this holiday season!

3 Responses to “Merry 10th Anniversary of the release of Frank Miller’s The Spirit!”

  • Allan Hoffman says:

    “My city screams, “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!”

  • Rob says:

    Happy holidays from the one other person who digs the Spirit movie. Dear gawd, the difference between how Miller looked a mere ten years ago and how he looks now.

  • Ed (Jack Norriss) says:

    Why can’t I ever find a domino mask like that, or even a remotely decent domino mask at all?
    Nobody could possibly want those standard issue ones with the big stupid ridged border and teeny eye holes.
    As everyone jokes, they can’t possibly actually conceal identities so why not adjust your paper/plastic cutout pressing machine to a better shape and sell something more desirable like that Spirit mask, or something more out of a comic in general?